(Love is a verb in this sentence). This is his promise. As @Jim notes, you can use promise with a gerund as the object—but the gerund is in that case not really a gerund at all, but a verbal noun. Even though attendees were invited to the candle party, they were under no obligation to purchase anything. The Noun: Objective Case. in a… voice to speak in a deep/soft/loud voice ‘I promise,’ she said in a small voice (= a quiet, shy voice). Hence this group of words does the work of a Noun. That is my father. A Noun or Pronoun that is the Object of a Verb is in the Objective Case. It is evident. He will fight to the finish. 2. The word something is a Noun and it is the Object of the verb wants, in sentence 1. 4. make good (on) a promise / threat / debt etc phrase. The epidemic which killed dozens of small children was an anathema to the residents of the town. Let’s look at an example: Samantha eats ice cream. He could not prove that. 1. However, a minor sentence is an irregular type of sentence that does not contain a main clause, e.g. This video examines #promise as a #noun. redeem a promise/an obligation phrase. promise someone the moon / earth phrase. Read more about prepositions. In this sentence, eats is the action verb and Samantha is the noun that’s doing the action of eating He is a well known orator. Find more ways to say pledge, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I have personally never come across promise used with an actual gerund as its verbal complement. The reader does not have the mental space to understand what is meant. a false/empty/hollow promise (= one that will not be kept) I didn’t make any false promises. "We have a ball.". Lastly, in rare instances, prepositional phrases can act as a noun in a sentence. a firm promise (= definite) What had happened to all those firm promises of help? Nouns can either be the subject or object of the sentence. 5. "I have a ball.". (keep, fulfill, honor) " I knew you would break your promise. In this sentence, one can change the persons, e.g. Another word for promise. Nouns are basic: they describe a person, place, or thing. We saw the painting. pledge: [noun] a bailment of a chattel as security for a debt or other obligation without involving transfer of title. Obligation in a Sentence Prev Word Next Word . It is bright and yellow. How can journey be used in a sentence? 334. Promise definition, a declaration that something will or will not be done, given, etc., by one: unkept political promises. ", "Precisely so. ", "Next Tuesday evening after it gets dark.". Definition of lick written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. Here are some example sentences: She is studying travel and tourism at college. Word Forms +-singular: promise: plural: promises: DEFINITIONS 2. From this sentence alone, we can’t say which is the correct meaning. The patient will recover. 752. Note: This is the only instance when a prepositional phrase is used as the subject of a sentence. The nominative ‘slot’ is the first one that usually gets filled up in any sentence. 3. Combine the following sentences into a complex sentence with a noun clause using ‘that’. View other definitions. something you must do because of a law, a promise, rule, etc. Here, 13 nouns, which have meanings similar to that of promise in standard English, are introduced through sentence … Similarly the group of words, to go home, is the Object of the verb wants, in sentence 2. Let’s take another look at the question: How was your travel? No, there could be no compromise on that subject. She will win the first prize. (Sleep is a verb in this sentence). promise can be a noun or a verb. Definition of promise written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. How was your journey? Other examples of minor sentences are headings (e.g. Gold is a precious metal. The manager committed the blunder. 4. true to your word / promise phrase. 1. See more. If you were to use it as a noun, you would use it like this; i made a promise with my brother to stay out of his room. Sleep is important for good health. "It's a long term journey with cumulative effects." Geoffrey Chaucer was born in 1340. The subject of a sentence is the noun that’s doing the verb. "Mary! 198. It is a great piece of art. He says this. The second problem is that a noun stack contains too many ideas in too small a space. The intention is to express an idea more succinctly than possible otherwise. Combine each pair of sentences into one simple sentence by using nouns or phrases in apposition. 869. (false, big, little, broken, empty) (break, go back on) " His career shows lots of promise. If it weren’t for what’s called the German case system, we couldn’t know who or what is the subject doing something, or who/what is being acted upon, etc. ; in somebody's voice There was a note of concern in his voice. It’s the noun’s case that tells us what role the noun is playing in the sentence. the contract incidental to such a bailment. Do not compromise that confidentiality. They describe, for example, the position of something, the time when something happens, or the way in which something is done. A lack of clarity is the first problem with noun stacks. ADJECTIVES/NOUN + promise a solemn promise As governor, I made a solemn promise to defend the laws of the Republic. Depending on the meaning of the sentence it could be a verb or a noun: I love my dog. Mandarin Ducks mate for life. Promisee definition, a person to whom a promise is made. Aman hated Mohit. (so, sentences wouldn’t make sense). They compromise him and throw on him the responsibility for all that happens. Promise definition: If you promise that you will do something, you say to someone that you will definitely do... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples He was innocent. Bradley felt he had an obligation to accept the offer to attend his father’s alma mater. Examples of Obligation in a sentence. If it does, then it is a noun. Mr Mathews was elected President. I am passionate about art, reading, and travel. An infinitive is a verb that functions as a noun, adjective, or adverb in order to express an opinion, purpose of an object or action, or answer the questions who, what, or why.. An infinitive usually begins with the word “to” and is followed by the base form of a verb (the simple form of the verb that you would find in the dictionary).. A major sentence is a regular sentence; it has a subject and a predicate, e.g. 3. Examples of Anathema in a sentence After the world learned of his heinous crimes, the dictator was considered an anathema. compromise. Source null; From Amsterdam: The train journey is approximately 3 hours. I promise (you) phrase. Adjectives are very often made use of as Nouns in a sentence by virtue of a process known as Zero- Derivative nominalization wherein a non- Noun is used as a Noun, without requiring a derivative affix. 5. 1. Here are some examples: After ten was the only time he could sit down for dinner. 295. Love makes the world go around. Let’s understand in detail how adjectives function as Nouns in a sentence: 1. He is a great English poet. a vague promise (= not definite) Larry made some vague promises to leave his wife. 6. 277. In the above sentences a watch and Yogesh are the objects of the verbs bought and hated respectively they are said to be in the Objective Case or Accusative Case. If the sentence demands it you can use the same word as a noun and a verb repeatedly. 6. 2. In English, it’s the position of each noun (relative to the others) that tells us who is who. journey (noun) - the act of traveling from one place to another. The following examples use prepositions in different ways and places to demonstrate how they behave in a sentence.