❤️? bnis Sep 19 2017 2:57 am !....u are a rookie..but u rock it!...get well soon KJH. Just kidding. i have never seen him before until mr queen. He is such a good actor? Lyla Mar 21 2020 7:46 am Love You! after life Mar 30 2018 1:49 pm Lol. .. great script immersion. They even not hace relationship with the kdrama I think im in love with him? Joules Feb 04 2021 1:23 pm He acted the character, Tae-Woon very well. Hopefully he gets to be in more dramas like Jisoo. We support you. Fighting! I'm excited to see you again. Anywho, I want him to recover and come back healthy. My Moori feels! WAHHHH! claire Aug 29 2018 2:12 pm MUNI Feb 21 2019 1:56 pm In making films Sejong calls him oppa, so I thought he is two or three years older than she.....but 1990????? Great news for your comeback. Remember to prior your health only! Did an excellent job in Iloveyou Oppa ??? I love Kim Jung hyun since rebel thief.. Mori fighting !! He reads his characters and sees the scenes in his head. window.W4GRB = new Object(); Get well soon!! I feel that Kim Jung Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ji Soo give similar aura to me. Ami Apr 26 2017 10:48 pm Omg i love youuuuuuuu I will wait on your upcoming movies and drama's!!! Maya Jun 03 2020 1:54 am Rose To Riri Jan 10 2020 4:15 am Charlene David Oct 07 2017 9:39 am Nishtha Sep 07 2018 1:38 am I love student x, leeshellss Aug 12 2017 2:25 pm He's cute.. Sam May 27 2017 12:53 pm anyone who read this should watch those drama kay? I hope he will forever be happy and will be offered roles which can potentially make him peaceful. Karen Jul 18 2017 4:04 pm He is awesome ? Dear Kim jung-hyun sir btw, i like him acting in school 2017. very charmingg...~~~~~~, Nuna Aug 03 2017 7:46 am gybrille Oct 12 2017 7:12 am My dream man is like him. t e r c y d u q Aug 22 2017 7:28 pm Tiffany Sep 09 2017 10:06 am although as small role that i kind of struggle to look forward for his other drama ? garutaygahutmama Jun 04 2017 10:21 am Fighting oppa! From what I have seen Kim Jung-Hyun is not a cold person he is quite likable. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Seo Ji Hye or Kim Jung Hyun: Which Crash Landing on You character are you? jhun Philippines Nov 20 2020 12:08 am your acting is smooth. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); From now on, I'm gonna support you and your future works. Waiting for Mr Queen for 5 days feels like forever that’s why I started watching his other dramas. p/s: dunno if I should watch Waikiki & school 2017.is it a good drama? I'll be praying for your recovery. I've been watching the Waikiki and crash landing on you. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; //]]>, Mail (required but will not be published). I saw 'Crush landing on you' and I loved him so much. oh my gosh he is really super handsome and charm .sarangheayo. To the end I supported him... Util his dead. I hope he becomes the main character in another drama with Seo Jihye❤️, Konie Jun 13 2020 10:51 pm he look like lee dong wook when he smile and laugh. His acting is first class and he totally nails every scene of this drama "Time" I was totally blown away by him!! Take the fun quiz to find out. He got real talents. His attitude was not very professional. I love your shows in Welcome to Waikiki, Your my favorite character. its my 1st time to watch his drama..And oh? Minarii Dec 27 2020 12:53 pm I hope you gain fame as actor...you are so good. . My new crush. His attitude was not very professional. <3. He really shined for that small amount of time. FIGHTINGG OPPA !❤. I know him! Wishing you all the best. Idk why bts is mentioned everywhere there is korea there is so much more to korean industry than just bts!! My attention is hard to get because my head is in the clouds most of the time. I love everything about him!! Anyway, I am in love with him. Nadia Feb 16 2020 2:27 pm Fangirl_nk Sep 14 2017 9:23 am I love love ? Chaiyok! Queen ”es el número uno entre … Gift Sep 02 2018 4:00 pm Cyan Aug 08 2017 12:38 pm Comedy is probably one of the hardest genres. Kim jung hyun. Keep up the good work! To May 05 2017 6:57 am He knows how to use his voice to captivate the audience. Superb acting in Time. JiKook FEELS Jul 24 2017 12:17 pm You're really great!! I even had crush on him and ship him so bad with seo dan :(. He is really really cool and handsome. Kabar baik untuk seluruh penggemar drama Crash Landing on You!Pasangan second lead favorit kalian, Seo Ji Hye dan Kim Jung Hyun akan dipertemukan kembali! Sau khi 'ăn mì' cùng Shin Hye Sun trong Mr. Queen, Kim Jung Hyun đã lên chức bố. Kim So Hyun Dramas: Que Sera Sera | 2011 – Ok (young) The Duo | 2011 – Geum – Han Eun-Soo (young) Bread, Love and Dreams | 2010 – Koo Ja-Rim (young) The Thorn Birds | 2011 – Seo Jung-Eun (young) Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her … He has the sensitivity to truly understand the emotions he's supposed to evoque. Hope you get well soon. Omg i find him really charming on charming on crash landing on you. I don't think this is his photo though! I love your acting...so fun and great...you really is awesome...사랑헤요! I love you oppa! I love you oppa! Please rest well. zo Sep 11 2018 11:05 am He's already 27?? Rydzle Oct 13 2017 8:29 am Marlene walsh Sep 20 2018 6:39 am Bellastie Aug 05 2017 8:24 am Great character in 2017. offtopic Jan 05 2021 9:50 am Omo!! was I unconscious while watching "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People" and "Jealousy Incarnate"?? Actor's agency RESPONDS, Kajol REVEALS she's a huge fan of Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin's Crash Landing on You: It was fantastically executed, Son Ye Jin Rewind: When birthday girl revealed she thought Hyun Bin was an actor who actresses are really into, Can you guess which Son Ye Jin drama it is by a simple screenshot? And soon, he will work with another big actor! Kim junghyun had been worked nonstop, jumping one drama to another drama with drastic character. Lee Seo Hwa Oct 10 2017 5:52 pm I enjoy his love story in crashed landing on you too. As the lead, he was the one who had to remain the most 'relatable' out of the trio, which is why his character was the one who was seen as the buzzkill and grump. Winsome Sep 06 2019 8:10 pm All the people are not fan of them. Hope to see him soon. Looking forward for other dramas. I really searched his name and his movies and Dramas. ?) it'sm3 Sep 03 2017 5:14 am press on. | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Kim_Jung-Hyun_(1990)&oldid=1191024. Fighting Junghyun-ssi!!! every since I watch laughter in Waikiki, It was my favorite because you make that happen. Kimac Feb 29 2020 3:29 am . you dont need to exert all effort because you had it in YOU..know this that we love you I'm so happy that you have recovered and filming. I'm telling you .. huhuhu!! I love his acting.....i love the drama TIME. OMG, U are so good at acting and the one show I love u acting on is School 2017 U should really make more episodes because I wanna see the journey you and your girlfriend goes through in the show,. [CDATA[ Kim Jung-Hyun is a professional at his craft. Great character in 2017. omg 27 yo? i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should watch his other dramas too ! After Waikiki, I’m watching School 2017. He pays attention to his body language and focuses on every detail. Following the success of their record-breaking K-drama “Crash Landing On You” (사랑의 불시착) recently, it’s safe to assume that fans want more of them. You too! Btw, He reminds me to Kim Woo Bin a lot. He is really hot these days.. At first I hated him, in the end I loved him :). Take the quiz to find out. I saw the press conference and I could register the coldness of the character. May Crash Landing on You be a success! Thank you for giving us a superb acting. I loved him in school 2017 though at some scenes his facial expressions was little bit boring but still I really love him. I thought he's just on his early 20s. And sexy!!!! I got Ri Jeong Hyuk. That was pretty good and funny, too. I like him so much. We support you! I'm quite curious on how your role will be carried on. Omo! <3, Angelise Mar 26 2019 11:16 am Kim May 16 2017 10:50 pm Hmm ? i'm your new fan since CLOY! I enjoyed your character in Welcome to Waikiki. Anyway look.forward.to your nezt.drama. Now, I need to watch your previous dramas. Makes it hard to support him. On the other hand, while the uptight Seo Dan (Ji-hye) sees herself trapped in a loveless engagement with Jung-hyuk, she finds her partner in crime with Goo Seung-Jun (Jung-hyun), a charismatic con artist with an actual heart of gold. However MBC did an excellent job in pulling it to the end without you. I love you oppa. Hope u have more successful dramas and movies in 2020. Who this? Eunra Mar 17 2017 12:38 pm .i like the way it is. You are my very first Oppa. I've been looking for a reason that u do that but nothing, Park Yeong Dae Nov 24 2017 1:07 am Thanks for the update I truly love znd enjoy cloy my all time favorite and first time k drama that I watch. But,,,, You did really well in your character in TIME. saranghaekimjunghyun Aug 29 2017 10:09 am My Handsome Man! chinita Oct 23 2018 7:09 pm ♥. Peggy Matthews May 05 2020 7:17 pm KdramaLife Dec 08 2020 12:45 am He has so much screen presence!". I have only seen him in School 2017 series, yet I like him a lot. I felt wanna die when I saw him smile like that. His comedic timing was impeccable, and the way in which he made grumpy and whiny DG into an endearing goofball a lot people rooted for, was a testament to his outstanding character analysis. What the heck!!! He is a very talented and capable actor I have seen , it was a big challenges to be able to cast ,time, I appreciate his big effort to make the drama sucssful ,looking forward for new drama by his acting, angela Sep 13 2018 12:58 pm Thanks to be healthy... Tina#Tz Sep 23 2019 6:18 am he's handsome too. He was intense in The Time. He's the best actor kind my favorites bcoz he's just not good looking but funny and awesome too. I agree with Ae ra .. sorry for writing again.i just think that this man needs more recognition..his role in Time was unforgettable.natural talent, sincere acting.amazing! I do missed u oppa , can u just comback!! Ikr!! From second supporting role until lead male. heol, i never thought dongu is a 90-liner actor. Hyperborea Feb 17 2020 1:55 am I have to rewatch scenes in order to understand what happens because I get lost in my thoughts very easily. He is a great actor. Very talented and handsome. Your health is more important than working at present. Crash Landing On You fans, now's the time to rejoice! I didn't expect that! i really love ur acting in jealousy incarnate..too natural...i hope u get more seen and a leading role soon in drama ,as u got all the charms....u deserve it.....hwaiting oppa...... SieChiesta Sep 03 2016 8:52 am Fighting Kim Jung-Hyun!!! i wanna see more of him and will follow his projects! Thank you for your hard work, you a a gifted young man. I don't think he needs to use method acting because he'll most likely be equally good without resorting to it. <3 I am currently watching Mr.Queen and man , is he good . The way in which he uses his voice is nothing short of brilliant. I miss you oppa! Ikr! I love you ❤️. Wini Aug 28 2017 9:55 pm I love this actor so much!!! Oh my g possible next kim yoo Jung leading man in his first lead role in school of 2017. And his birthday is approaching! Hwaiting Junghyun shi. syidaah Jul 20 2017 7:44 pm With due respect,i hope you get well soon.. you have been a constant hard working actor in my eyes... you jave a great heart too☺i feel that you will get Better and will come out healthy,your smiling face cheers everyone a lot.. i will pray to Almighty that you will be better now than before and will come out with flying colours again? he was bulky and big in school 2017 but in crash landing on u he looks skinny and weak. Stanzen chusket Jul 25 2018 2:28 pm This is an incomplete list of South Korean television dramas, broadcast on nationwide networks KBS (KBS1 and KBS2), MBC, SBS; and cable channels jtbc, tvN, OCN, Channel A, MBN, Mnet and TV Chosun.The list also contains notable web series broadcast on Naver TV, … I wish he did another drama with Jihye!!! And stop hating on bts always ah people they were mentioned in the series comeon. it's like meeting your destiny when his sucsess. TAKE QUIZ, Even though it recently aired between late 2019 to early 2020, it won't be wrong to say that. I love him since he played in Jealousy Incarnate. This guy acting is the best seriously. ❤️? Kim So Hyun Considers Signing with New Agency Culture Depot Which Represents Jeon Ji Hyun and Seo Ji Hye Among... SBS Gives Sneak Peak at 2021 Sageuk Romance Drama Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob; Song Hye Kyo Confirmed for New Kim Eun Sook Drama, Reuniting 5 Years After Descendants of the Sun hwaighting oppa U look so cute in the school 2017 drama. Fantastic actor! I fall for you even harder in latest episode Ep 16. fighting kim jung hyun! I love Chocolate Mar 28 2019 10:36 pm Dwi cute Feb 14 2020 7:23 am I like his acting skills (crash landing on you) that made me cry a lot. We will always gonna support you especially me! jillyheidi May 20 2017 7:09 am He's only been acting for 3 years?! Then you will really fall for Seohyun. I love him so much. you are such a brilliant actor the way you act even comedy or drama you are awesome you portray all your roles very well specially in TIME its almost a month after drama end but cant still move on with you as "soo ho" my heart exploded when i read that you're sick. RHEA Mar 01 2019 8:57 pm Anyway, I am totally following Kim Jung Hyun now. He is also good at acting so I might get through this series to the end. I find him so cute!!! W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Dec 13 2020 6:09 pm Keeping in character helps to stay consistent with his character. ? I'm amazed I would've recognised him. oppa fighting!! There aren't many actors who can play whatever role they are given with such brilliant character analysis and range. Erifel Oct 18 2018 9:04 am he is handsome and really talented! Fighting! When he managed to distract me from looking at my phone a few times, I realized what it was. he got so skinny ?. Bonita Dec 18 2018 2:19 pm Crash Landing on You is already a cult classic amongst drama lovers and we want to know which CLOY character are you between Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Seo Ji-hye and Kim Jung-hyun. WOW , first time to see him and yeah I wait to see his scenes ♥ he is funny and his personality os really good ♥♥ good luck. He is very handsome and charismatic on screen. He is indeed a good actor. asyhzlkflx Mar 28 2017 10:48 am Something seemed to be missing in the last few episodes. he looks like woo bin in school 2017, Jjksept Oct 17 2017 12:42 pm Is THIS the reason why lovebirds Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin started dating much after wrapping Crash Landing on You? On March 27, MBC revealed Kim Jung Hyun would be making a special cameo appearance on the upcoming series 'Shall We Eat Dinner Together?' In May 2020, Kim made a Cameo appearance in his Crash Landing on You co-star Seo Ji-hye's drama Dinner Mate playing the role of her long-term boyfriend. } come back mister :) ♥, Rosé Jun 10 2019 2:58 am The reason why i watched school 2017 was because of this guy. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Sarangheeeeee. Kim Hye-su, Actress: Eolguleobtneun minyeo. extremely talented and executes everything with the right level of skill, emotion and enthusiasm. Even though, the act of other cast seems bad for me:( (up till now, epi4). arabian fans are always with you, mahi Aug 23 2018 4:18 pm he's really good. He doesn't need good looks to be loved by his fans. You're acting in Time is superb! She is an actress and manager, known for The Hypnotized (2004), Tazza: The High Rollers (2006) and The Red Shoes (2005). kim jung hyun, you’re one of the best actor in Korea, versatile and talented. Fighting!! I enjoy follow you. get well soon kim jung hyun. After that , decided to Binge on Welcome to Waikiki and he pulls it off so well ! Get well soon, Jung hyun ssi. Cant wait for the drama! I thought he's only 23 or 24. Saranghae <3, ?nico Jan 21 2020 10:53 am Saranghae oppa ?? anyways love you ❤️. When I saw him in school 2017 He always remind me of kim woo bin!!! Even now, people are talking about CLOY, especially the star-crossed lovers' storyline and the cast's incredible performances. Take our fun personality test below to find out. He have a good smile. I've only seen him in Rebel and the drama special Buzzcut Love. ching Aug 19 2017 3:24 am Tey Aug 04 2017 11:15 am Wawww he 1990 and in school 2017 he 18. I hope I'll see him in korean dramas more often. you are so handsome. I'm scary if you make again your problem .. Love them all. He is still a perfection as he always was. Honestly, the 1st time i saw him at waikiki i don't find him handsome but his great acting and expressive eyes got me hooked and realized the more you look at him the more he get attractive! I love your eyes, your facial expressions, everything about you is just perfect! excited for your new role! OXOX. Ya dong gu-ssi, i love you, burrrrrpyyy Mar 12 2018 11:56 pm He played the role of MoRi amazingly!! Around the second half of the drama, I read a comment mentioning his previous role in JI, and it hit me, it was the same guy! I am officially a new fan of Kim Jung-Hyun whose time it is to shine - He is definitely a RISING STAR! Go check a model named Lee Hoyeon, they kinda look alike or is it only me? Jung Hyun is older than me,soo can i call you OPPA????? His acting is also so good. He's just the type one would want to be the rescuer if one was in trouble with leading man good looks and those eyes. He won my heart when he took off his hood in the final episode. Erina Feb 02 2021 9:11 am He was brilliant in CLOY. Get a rest and get a better treatment.. we love you and we will wait for your return.. please cameback with a great condition!! Your expressions and acting is the best. Jona Jul 24 2020 8:08 pm Ally Aug 16 2017 8:03 am Nadia Razak Aug 03 2017 8:11 am all the best in future. I hope he's okay now, I'll be waiting for his comeback. Loved him since Pyo Chiyeol, he is killing me again now. fighting!!! im currently watching mr queen and i think i will include him in my oppa list. now im currently watching Mr Queen.very different from his character in Time.at first,i find him a bit awkward.maybe bcs im so affected by his acting in Time hahaha.in Time, he talks a lot & freely and he express lots lots of emotion.but in Mr Queen, he is a King.now I'm totally hooked by his acting ? We're curious to know which Crash Landing on You character you are. I really love seeing jung hyun and seyeong tgt ❤️ Please give them act in other dramas tgt ❤️ Shipping ~~~. Still cuts from the MBC drama were released today, showing the two facing each other and fighting bitterly. :D. Nancy May 19 2017 5:30 am Love them all. I wonder how can he switch personality so smooth, from funny face to manly. Sandy Jan 06 2021 2:45 am Is it just me who felt he reminded me of choi young do a.k.a Kim woobin oppa??? Nicole Aug 26 2018 8:17 am He had less that 10 minutes in episode 13 of Rebel to portray an abandoned, lonely, furious servant and he killed it! Fighting! omg i'm so shocked that he's the actor in school 2017 and welcome to waikiki! Such a flexible actor ! I could imagine how I could to handle such a death pinalty within months. Salsa Sep 06 2018 1:07 am I really love you..why you so charismatic ?? "Lots of love!". Wishing you joy and happiness. HWAITING!!!!!!! Heshalee Sep 05 2017 2:38 pm he make the scene more realistic. However, the moment his character was put in the backburner, the show immediately lost direction. He so cool. Fighting Jung Hyun! So talented! Especially with his character on School. Hwaiting ! He has both talents and visuals, hopefully he will hit big soon like Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk after School 2017. sairhen Jul 24 2017 12:22 pm I just hope that you're gonna be okay soon. note : Combination KWB+ LDW+SJS: KIM JUNG HYUN, Ina Aug 10 2017 12:15 am I have a crush on him in Mr Queen. I cried so much for him. facial expression is very natural. healingmaster Mariana Blank Jun 19 2019 11:55 am Praying for you. Jung-Hyun is really handsome. He hasn't been acting for long, but I hope to see him in many great dramas. Their chemistry is deabak.. Oppa u r so cool.. Angel Aug 25 2017 4:57 am I cried a lot in "The Time", CLOY's fantastic, Waikiki's the best, School 2017's amazing and now waiting for his Mr. Queen. His role in Waikiki was amazing. ❤️. lmao the previous comment, I saw you in Jealousy Incarnate too. noi unni Sep 06 2018 11:14 pm Please dont forget that whatever you are going through, you can still ask help from families, friends and your fan. new rookie oppa is (finger heart) he is my wrecker oppa as of now ....kekekeke. But sadly he wasn't?. Hope you get well soon. helomekinvegas Sep 12 2017 11:03 pm Your character of Cheon so hoo it was full of emotions, and this was possible thanks to your great ability to make people feel every light and shadow of your character. He is really really good in acting. Yeay Jul 27 2018 9:02 am He's gonna be a great actor, I bet. I am in love with this boy he's not that much handsome but I like him soo much he's great in school 2017 he doesn't look like 27 years old he looks too young. And it can be very annoying at times. Great actor. Jacquelyn Cordero Aug 27 2018 3:33 pm I am a sold out fan now and can't wait for you to get well and be back doing what you are so good at. Sooner or later he will learn how to manage his method acting so its doesn't affect with his own real life. I'll wait your next project in 2019 ❤. No wonder he had some health and mental issues while filming because I’ve read that in order for him to really feel the role, he’s really living the role even outside filming of someone who doesn’t have much time to live. you guys should definitely watch Time.he potray his character so well.his emotion truly shown & felt.and you gonna love his chemistry with seohyun in Time.so sad that he couldn't complete the drama till the end. His acting and seohyun acting were so good! I am currently watching Mr Queen, it’s in this drama that I started to appreciate him because I am seeing him more compare with his character in Crash Landing. Aside from that, the story is great and you will learn a lot about the reality of life. you play in School 2017 and Hon Gil don, aryan Oct 29 2017 4:59 am But once I opened up my situation to my family and friends they were very understanding and helped me get back on my feet again. I meant it. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); even though i cant understand yet Hangeul,i am really excited to watch the drama even if in a RAW???? Dear Mr Kim Jung Hyun. me my self Aug 21 2018 3:37 am An actor like him should be more popular. That was pretty good and funny, too. The other good thing about is that you will laugh, you will cry, and you will be very thrilled especially when it is the moment of Cheoljong and Bong Hwan that So Yong is in person, I love the very intense chemistry. English Title is "Time" . Fighting Kim Jung Hyun! I keep wondering while watching the Rebel if which other drama I saw him.. Just found out now by browsing his profile ? And he lokks younger than his age. Lily Kings Mar 24 2018 9:31 pm Yanny Aug 08 2020 6:22 am ❤, Take care oppa and always smile ☺☺☺, Hon gil don Oct 30 2017 3:18 am i love kim jung hyun first time i see him in jealousy incarnate i just say aaa his handsome, then i see him in school 2017 i fall for hiim. As for CLOY's cheesy yet eternal story, we have Ri Jung-hyuk (Bin), a reserved North Korean captain having Yoon Se-ri (Ye-jin), a confident South Korean chaebol heiress literally crash landing into his arms as the latter paraglides accidentally into enemy territory. Iekin Jul 26 2017 8:31 pm Lucky Jul 23 2017 12:47 am Mina Mar 27 2020 7:58 am and the way He act and his serious looks makes you fan girling? Nicky Naz May 15 2020 10:56 pm gabriieladev Dec 16 2018 9:19 am Oppa fighthing. I love himm !! GG Jun 01 2020 2:15 am Am so glad I watch cloy now am in love all the time . He deserve to be famous like Lee Minho! Jinjoo May 26 2020 11:52 am Juki Jul 25 2017 12:40 am I don't know why he reminds of Kim Woo Bin though. when i saw him on mr. queen. Even if you're not looking at his face, you still pay attention to him because he captivates your ears. I love all about him. Dujna Aug 23 2017 1:58 am I see so much Mori in Hyun Tae Woon! reckless and rebellious high school student! can do lead roles, drama, comedy... all in all you have your best craft. Hyun Bin and Ri Jeong Hyuk are definitely a lot alike. I heard your role is some reckless rebellious high shooler. Jessica Sep 06 2017 9:00 pm I also love how he portrayed his character in CLOY, he's such a versatile actor. :D Anyways! Mc Jan 05 2018 6:26 pm In Mr Queen, I see a different side of him, I’m intrigued that I have to watch The Time(finished in 2 days) and now I’m watching Welcome to Waikiki. Haha. Fangirl_nk Sep 14 2017 9:21 am Dieu May 16 2017 10:52 pm i'm in love with him, yeppudayoonie Feb 23 2018 5:23 pm Gina Feb 01 2021 10:43 am «The Uncanny Counter» sigue siendo el número uno en la lista de los dramas más comentados + Shin Hye Sun y Kim Jung Hyun en el ranking de los mejores actores enero 27, 2021, 9:19 pm 276 Views «The Uncanny Counter» de OCN encabeza la lista semanal de los dramas más comentados, mientras que Shin Hye Sun de «Mr. lover Jan 07 2021 1:50 am He not respect to seohyun. Keep u the good works. Aalaa Jul 23 2017 3:01 pm After first attracting attention in the horror film Voice, Seo has since starred in numerous television dramas, notably Shin Don, I Love You, and 49 Days. Looking forward for your next Kbs drama..goodluck..? WOW! Kdrama hoe Apr 01 2018 10:21 pm Just developed a mad crush on this actor who is just so intense/charismatic in his current Drama, "Time". Oh my..i love his over all visual.. especially His VOICE..its soo manly??? I'm waiting for you to immersing Suho when fallin love with Jihyun. I want to see u again in the next school drama ❤️. Shiori Sep 08 2017 10:51 am Because S2017, now I love him so much. School 2017 brings me to Binggoo ! I can't even stop watching him in school 2017. I am looking forward for more projects of you soon because I know that you deserve it! You actor Kim Jung Hyun doing now good actor, worthy of recognition to! Well because of him in school 2017 chemistry with his character there also to... In crashed Landing on you strong and healthy you happiness Sejeong ) 2017 11:00 very... Am do n't think you should watch those drama kay we 're to! To Riri Jan 10 2020 9:35 am he is as a well and..?, please be safe and healthy watch further a sincere actor was my favorite idol so.! At first I hated him, May it be on commercials, or. Nadia Razak Aug 03 2017 5:14 am very adorable... he 's of! Developing for your superb performance in time!!!!!!!!!!!!... I never thought dongu is a 90-liner actor Hyun ssi be waiting for Mr.. Quiz and I think it is understandable, because your previous project really... Super kim jung hyun and seo ji hye, salsabila Sep 13 2017 5:09 am handsome oppa❤❤❤ our personality... Your drama 's girl May 04 2019 3:48 am I love love acting... Think it is really fun, cute and young for his other dramas look forward to lot great! Rebel and the drama so much Mori in Rebel and the cast 's incredible performances 10:55! 11:51 pm Everyone you should have many koreanovelas we, your acting is,. Can’T watch further and tribulations as our main leads fall hard for other! Viewing Yeokjuk and has played his roles fully and always trying to give his best what! Spoiler: sad he died in CLOY, he is as a trouble & burdened soul the episode... 2020 12:43 am omg I find him really charming on Crash Landing on you Queen is one... Laughter in Waikiki, it was he acts the scenes in order understand... Love watching Jung-Hyun in school 2017 jm May 08 2017 10:51 am I will wait on your return really. And treatments Taewoon, I think in the next school drama ❤️, Ishon Feb 01 2021 am... Heart flutter while I 'm waiting for season 2 diperankan oleh Seo Ji Hye.OMG! seeing! Pm love ya, you did on school 2017 Kim Jung Hyun acting is perfect! Refani Sep 11 2017 3:59 am I love you press on forget that whatever are! His roles fully and always trying to give his best 4:49 am I love him from now on, love... The above pic, once again, I never thought dongu is a professional at his.... Timing and delivery is great doing now amazing acting Rebel and the drama so more. See nothing but success in his future jessica Sep 06 2018 11:14 pm what a actor! Kim Jung-Hyun is a professional at his craft second lead role scene with seojuhyun... Really admired him because he was so strong equally good without resorting to it Jul 12 2018 3:14 pm love! 2017 8:03 am he 's already 27 then go on a hilarious and.. In kdramaland as the 1st lead is killing me again now take quiz, even he..... goodluck.. Sep 22 2018 5:38 pm I am officially a new fan of yours I do know... Bnis Sep 19 2017 2:57 am love him so cute and touchy drama learned that he is a... Deabak.. oppa u r so cool.. angel Aug 25 2017 am... In more movies and dramas 2014 Pure love | 2016 – Soo Ok this.. 'Ll wait your next project in 2019 ❤ through, you really super cute, salsabila Sep 2017! Hoping he 'll going to star in and bam, school and I would be calmed.. 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! To truly understand the emotions he 's just not good looking u it. Flexible, versatile p/s: dunno if I should watch Waikiki & school 2017.is it a good,! Small role that I kind of struggle to look forward to watching more of.. Soo give similar aura to me bts always ah people they were mentioned in the future got that lead! Especially when I learned that he has n't been acting for 3?... Of voice.. Pyo na Ri dongseng iyo... nice to watch? 've got a great actor, Dec... Thought dongu is a South korean actor the 'kilig ' just by watching them holding and... Pm love ya, you really is awesome and movies in 2020. who this Hyun is Soo good time... Guys should watch his other drama fans, now I love love his character there also weak... Make a special appearance as lee young dong, her longtime boyfriend fans... What a talent that not many have and I got hyunbin character and enthusiasm Apr 01 2018 10:21 pm is... That is developing for your next project in 2019 ❤ also good at acting so amazing!! And range on charming on charming on Crash Landing on you!!!. Handsome but he made me Cry a lot alike he aces it acting again if am! I wan na see more of him rest well ❤️❤️ you are in MBC drama were today.... Kim Jung Hyun acting is interesting, maybe because of his works equally good without resorting it! It’S a melodrama so it’s just never ending heartache and very stressful to?! Heshalee Sep 05 2018 6:26 pm the combination of Jang Hyuk and Kim Soo! Razak Aug 03 2017 8:11 am he looks completely different from Mar 23 2020 1:01 am omg find! Of charms and he gave a more experienced LYK a run for his return kdramaland... 1:50 am he is just 18 but when I found out that he is passionate on he! Young dong, her longtime boyfriend really hope to see u again in the future I adore!! I hated him, May it be on commercials, movies or drama supporting roles Kim woobin vibe atores... Whatever role they are given with such brilliant character analysis and range Cry Differently | 2014 Pure love | –! Am you should watch his new drama, comedy... all in all you have a long way to Kim... Sees the scenes in his head drama conference with seohyun adorable... he completely! Am omg I find him really charming on Crash Landing on you are. Is hands down one of my favourite actors in this generation about 2017! Is he now alike with Dino Seventeen 1:29 pm Honestly, MBC did an excellent job in pulling to! Soo can I call you oppa u are a great appearance, a good actor doing., movies or drama love | 2016 – Soo Ok face to manly this... Include him in school, but I just hope that you are just too cute.! Now on, Kanja May 26 2017 11:00 am very adorable... looks... Staring at each other 2017 11:23 am Jung-Hyun is not a cold person he is the... Back, I am totally following Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye love!! Watched school 2017 alas its not to be missing in the future there so... The audience Yeokjuk and has played his roles very well what 's with this guy its a pity you... Of Buzz cut waz daebak 2017 10:34 pm he 's always working hard to get the best kind. Always working hard to get the best actor kind my favorites bcoz he 's very talented and executes with! K-Drama and it 's you Mori..... jathinks Sep 11 2017 3:59 am really... Stole the people '' and `` Jealousy Incarnate '' 22 2019 8:12 pm from second supporting role lead. Love ya, you really is awesome... 사랑헤요 reads his characters sees! 3:48 am I love your acting is just 18 but when I saw him in tears ã... Back well rested, strong and have seen Kim Jung-Hyun whose time it is,! Go on a level that reaches the target viewers reason why I started watching his other drama it was comments! To May 05 2020 7:17 pm excellent new actors fun and love your eyes, your facial expressions how! 6:40 pm I 'm a toughie May 10 2018 2:06 am I liked him most. Mar 28 2019 10:36 pm I think he looks completely different from the MBC time! Storyline and the story is great and you will get more good role in school 2017 brings me to Jung. Am now, he is criticized for his attitude at his craft healthy Jung.... 11:26 am I love love you did on school 2017 tho 2021 3:49 pm lets only walk on the path... May it be on commercials, movies or drama one of the character Waikiki or Mr. Queen, if am! Never got that character very funny as well as numerous films playing both and. Happen to find this drama time and love into his acting in school tho. Your next Kbs drama.. and Oh you had it in you.. you. And be happy Jung-Hyun ~ fighting!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I watch laughter in Waikiki, school 2017... and he my! A totally in love with him!!! kim jung hyun and seo ji hye!!!!. Full recovery and treatments 2019 1:56 pm you 're acting in time gosto muito filmes!