Michigan Boating Industries Association | 8625 Richardson Road | Commerce Township, MI 48390 Website: MBIA.org | Phone: 734.261.0123 | Fax: 734.261.0880 To learn more, be sure to read How to Register Your Boat. MI 48390| Phone: 734.261.0123 | Fax: 734.261.0880 When is a title required on a Michigan watercraft? Commerce Twp. Register Your Boat Today. The boat registration number must contrast with … Registering your boat is an important step in boat ownership. Requirements vary from state to state, and depending on the size and type of your boat, registration numbers and validation stickers may need to be displayed. A: More than 40 Michigan state parks offer boat rentals, and many private companies also rent boats and PWCs along Michigan's shore line. Privately owned, non-motorized canoes and kayaks, rafts, surfboards and swim floats, regardless of length. Watercraft Registration Number: Watercraft owners must paint or permanently attach the assigned registration number on each side of the forward half of the vessel as high above the water line as possible. The only exceptions are: Privately owned rowboats 16 feet or less in length; Privately owned non-motorized canoes or kayaks Michigan Boating Industries Association | 8625 Richardson Rd. The following information from the guide to Michigan MC number sticker placement can be found on the State of Michigan web site. All watercraft 20 feet and over in length and all watercraft with a permanently affixed engine, regardless of length, must be titled. Michigan boat registration numbers must be attached on each side of the forward half of the vessel as high above the water line as possible; it must be the only number on the forward half of the bow. Requirements for vessel registration vary from state to state. Michigan’s Boat Registration Exemptions: Privately owned boats that are less than 16 feet in length and propelled by oars or paddles. In Michigan, you must have a Certificate of Number (registration) and validation decals to operate your vessel legally on public waters. Boat registration deadline extended ... Michigan is one of the top states for the number of registered boats, according to mertinglaw.com, with more than 800,000 registered vessels. Michigan boat registration summary is a free resource designed to inform the boating public about registration requirements, recording methods, and title search guidelines for the State of Michigan. But because the state doesn't require boat operators to be licensed, you can typically rent a small boat with nothing more than ID and a credit card. Watercraft not required to be titled may be titled upon the request of the owner. Rules and regulations vary from company to company. Michigan has no online search service to identify the owners of boats by registration number, but you can send a query to the Michigan Secretary of State's office to request identification of a boat owner by registration number.