I have got a job in chennai.!! Most of the things that he has said in my palm reading report are true. Good indications and prominent mount of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun, Jupiter may negate the absence of fate line. Yantra, Talisman & Gemstone you sent me, those items with hidden power. Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading. 80 to 90 % report perfect h. regards In fact, I would like to make my own tarot app/palmistry app/website in the future; there are too many fakes in the US, and I want to change this. Have met several palmists & astrologers over the years, as am attracted to occult sciences. It's true that i have back pain, in fact i have hunch back, anaemia... Sir,some of your predictions on my past are spot on.am really amazed at your study. Dear Sir, information..i really need ur guidance for the Naina Sehra. Thanks again for your patience in answering my numerous queries. Could you guide me on this one? guidance in the future especially the remedies. Dang Viet Thao - from Vietnam, Dear I appreciate all your work. And thank you for always give me great guidance through your very kind reply. Report receive hui bohot bohot dhnyvad aapka report send karne k liye.70 to 80 % There is only one part that bothers me in my Marriage reading you said "extramarital affair" will it be from me being unfaithful or my wife? Definitely worth it. Your readings are very close to reality. About the future, of course, I haven't known yet. Arvind Kumar, Hello, S S VAIDYA, Nitin sir prediction are very acurate ,i thanks sir for his kind and nice behaviour. An island on the join point of the fate line and head line indicates financial losses or failure of … The bigger the island is, the more serious the troubles are. The stronger and deeper the line, the more strongly fate … thank you soo much nitin ji for standing beside me in my bad times tooo. Tc, नितिन जी , आपका दूसरों को हस्तरेखा के बारे में बताना मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा । कहते है ज्ञान बॉटने से बढता है , आपका ज्ञान निश्चित रूप से आगे और सम़द्ध होगा । बहुत पहले कीरो को पढा था पहले पन्ने पर चेतावनी थी कि ज्योतिष आपको आपका भविष्य नहीं बताता बल्कि जीवन कैसे जीना है ये बताता है । इसी तरह आप लोगों को हस्तरेखा के बारे में बताते भी है साथ में उन्हे चेतावनी भी देते है एक ही लाइन अन्तिम निर्णय पर पहुॅचने के लिए पर्याप्त नहीं है , निश्चित ही अच्छे अध्यापन की निशानी है जिससे किसी के जीवन में कोई अनर्थ न हो । लिखने व पढने का शाेक रखती हूॅ इसलिए अच्छे लेख ध्यान खीचते ही है, आपका ब्लॉक भी ऐसा ही है । शुभकामनाऍ आपको, समाज की निशुल्क सेवा के लिए एक ज्योतिष के रूप में । awesum nitin ji, Thank you very much . Anyway,I will be returning soon to you for my husband's palm-reading. Thanks a million for your readings which are perfect. I will try to follow the remedies and take adequate precautions and continue prayers to lord shiva shankar. A few things were shockingly accurate. Impressed by your knowledge and effort I have asked my parents to get their palms checked. Pema Gurung, Received all three gemstones in good condition. Aap ki remedy kamal ki this sir, 8 yr se pandito ke paas ghum raha tha,aap mujhe insaan me god mil gaye.... everything what he said about me was right . Thank you very much for the reading. Ek ladka amit Sharma ne bhi apna data mail kar rakha hai palmist ke liye Maine hi suggest kiya tha usko because vo bhi bahut preshan tha.... Lower part of the heart line merging with the head line and joining with the fate line. - Anil Thappar, Thanxx alot sir , I hav asked too many qstn nd u hav answered oll the time .. Thanks Dunno how to express my feelings, but I'm so grateful.. You are the best, kindest, and benevolent palmist I have ever known! बबीता वाधवानी , जयपुर , राजस्थान , भारत, Nitin jee is very accurate and has immense knowledge his readings were very accurate and reassuring at no point did I feel he was out to make money and I sincerely wish him all the best. I personally liked the articles for learning palmistry thank u soo much for sharing yr knowledge with all of us..its really very beneficial for ppl learning occult languages. Linnea. Of course no one perfect in this field, but Nithin Kumar doing good job on me compare to other. Thank you very much for the report. Regards, Is it indicated ? Most of ur prediction is accurate. देवेंद्र सिंह. It was very detailed and surprisingly accurate. Bohot bohot Dhanyvad Report bhejne k liye. Wow! Fig 8. Hoang. Your prediciton is correct in almost all areas, I am very sure, your will enriching your experience in future too, as this is like a science which grows with all passing years. Salute to you sir. I would like to tell you many things you mentioned in your report are very accurate. And I am really amazed by your knowledge of Quran as I was not expecting that you ill suggest me something from Quran. In today's commercial world, such genuine people are rare. Now I will definitely follow the remedies given by you. I really appreciate Nitin Ji for his services.I had many doubts after my palm reading get done.I sent him more than 3 mails to him.He replied for every mail with patience.This is the second time I'm sending the comments after seeing his services.Hats off to you.Congrats Sir.Your service should grow more and more. Again Thnks lot.... you in person. Jose Sanchez Lopez and Elda Sanchez from Switzerland. I surfed in the internet of various palmists to get the correct info.I came to see nitins website and got impressed a lot for the range of information he have.I have contacted him ,he was quick and very honest.he gave me the palm report.his predictions are always true.he told me in june 2014 that there are chances of abroad travel soon,yes it came true in dec 2015 un expectedly. Thanks lot Nitin ji Eye issue, arthritis, fever, allergy and heart troubles. (Fig 30) Lines in the hand show how a person makes a change. My search led me to Nitinji’s web-site. And have moved from delhi to chennai. Islands in the Fate Line indicate tensions and stressful work in the office. He is 100% accurate on my past childhood, my marriage, career and my financial situation. By observing the palm images we can say your life longevity, health status, personal life, married life, about foreign chances, financial status, money earnings, education, social life, business prospects, good and bad signs on palms, family relationship, children issues, love-relationship, future predictions, any other questions you asked. Tc The only word I have to describe your analysis is Wow. astrologer today only for one question charge around 4-5 thousand some charge 11000 as thier consultation fee , I visited all but none like u so thank u very much .i will remain in contact with u. Nitin ji believe it or not ur 1000% right every thing u said is right. I was amazed by his very accurate reading. god bless him always. Aapka bahut bahut dhanyawaad. Island on Fate Line. Thank you My heartly thanks to Mr Nitin for palm reading and his quick response. Chained If there are chains in the fate line then it is considered to bring unhappiness in life and poor concentration in … Destination Point of fate Line. The fate line (Line B) is connected to our career and general outlook on work. I feel relieved and will be able to plan my future accordingly. I visit your site regularly. bindula bishnoi, Dear sir, I am very thankful to you for the quick response. Thanking very Pandit ji. As I follow Buddhism, I do Vipassana meditation. Thank you so much. you told to wear 8-9 CARAT but when I went to buy it. Awesome prediction! Will wait for your reply. I don't talk to most of them because they're untrustworthy. Thanks you Nitinji! Very next day I got complete reading of my Palm. 75 years old is located at the Mount of Saturn. Thank you for reading our palms. Dear Nitin Kumar, I am really surprised that you have told me about my mothers demise at early age. Anurag singh. Dear Nitinji, Looking forward to the books on Hindu Signs and Fate line . Am from QATAR and the only word I say is EXCELLENT. Hope your doing well! He provided great insight, knowledge and guidance in his report. Hey guys I will recommend you all to consult him for professional palmistry, Hi Everyone, Well most of the things you said are true i mean my nature, i have phobias, think too much cannot focus.. Thanks for replying, Read the contents of palm reading, it is fine and almost matches my life patterns. I wish you could live near my place ,so that I could visit you again and again. I hope all is good I have met a palm reader before but he didn't say much. I hope are you well ? So, business people will see losses when the island is in effect. Pls tell me how much u charge.because after Kundali analysis it is very much clear which gems rom I have to wear & what remedies I have to do. The hand I send you is from a really busy woman. I didn't find astrologer like u Ho deal with client In such a polite & calm way not only this in such a small fee tell every thing about ones life 100% accurately and also remedies . Guruji Hastha Rekhas will Appear Clearly at that time when you See a Person Hand Directly in Presence of you. I'm satisfied! I would recommend the readers to explore and interact with Nitin Kumar to know your past and future trends!! Respected Nitin Sir Thank You sir. Regards Thank you so much! Yes huge problems with my Father's family, my Mother died when I was 20, and yes problems with knees, and will power, and gallbladder, and depression!! When it crosses the Head Line that will be the 35th year of one's life-span. Again thank you very much. We have 3 girls. To my surprise, after reading Palm reading report I was totally shocked. You are very very good. I salute to your prediction. A similar island on an otherwise good Line of Fate. I am highly impressed by your scientific temper & rational thinking .. Dear Sir, Till my retirement I don't want any chage of place . May you stay healthy and prosperous. I thinks she will believe now palmistry or card reading :-), Sir, I have received the report. Personally I am a very big fan of nitin ji as he has always helped me in solving my problems . I can email transfer some money it is really important to me, and when I read palm for my friend and try to help them, I will comfort them and give really good suggestion to them as what you did to me. Aapke diye hue upay aur totke meine chalu kar diye hai aur mere ko vishwas hai ki mere ko aapke margdarshan se safalta jaroor milegi. thanks so much for reading my palm. interested in palm reading When I was browsing in the internet, I came to know about Mr. Nitin Kumar( Sir). Thanks kahana ab chota pad raha hai He is a very spiritual person, we need honest people around us in life. Well Sir ji is very good in his predictions.HE has a high level of accuracy in his predictions.On top of that his remedies are also simple and easy to perform at the same time effective too.The best thing is that Sir ji is very prompt in his replies which I so much appreciate about him.Thank you Sir ji for helping me out some of my life's problems.Looking forward to get more future updates from you.May god bless you Sir ji. You are really good. Love your work...i really do recommend his work. Your prediction about my nature is 100% perfect and about my life is also accurate one. Thanks for your prompt response with the reading. wants them read seriously now, so here it is. But seldom have come across a palmist who has predicted most of the things so accurately from palm photos & even without meeting. Thankyouuu Nitin I was very excited to receive the result report he sent me and was amazed how accurate he is on each point as I read through the report. OK Thank you again for your replies and noted on your guidance. Hello Sir His Very honest and helpful person and he answered additional questions I asked after my reading and he politely answered back. And I am so happy that you will help me. waiting for your reply. I will take care of it & also require ur guidance time to time. As it is designed and maintained by me only, if you found any errors, bugs please feel free to inform me. If there are two fate-lines, which means the people could have part-time job or develop another sideline. It will helps to Develope your earnings with Name & Fame. His care, guidance and genuine help for those who need someone tell them a bit more then they can figure out themselves ,which was me . Thnk for original gem in reasonable price....I hope gemstone will work for me :) Irfan Baig, Namastey sir..!! The events took place as predicted.We had taken precautions and difficulties/danger went away with little impact. Your knowledge to accurately predict from palm is very very noteworthy. I wish him all the best for further achievements in Palmistry . Thank you so much for your support and your payers. Camille. He had hired a palm reader to entertain his guests, and as a very curious little girl, I … Sincerely Hi Sir, but in Captured Photos Small lines & Some Symbols on Palm and Fingers Parwat Can't Captured by any Camera na ! Dear Nitin, Nitin Sir is one of the genuine person I found in my life. Aap ne life me vo dilva diya jiski mujhe bahut jayda need thi ..... Apka reading mere bare me 80% sach hain. U can't find people like him in this world!! I have no serious health problems at the moment. You explain everything clearly. I am amazed to his reading. Have a nice weekend , Sir. What you have to do is just scan your both right and left palms (as shown below) and send us the scanned images to our e-mail. He described very accurately what has happened to my life when I was child, my health, my career etc. Very informative. I will send mine, later today. Fate Line Stopped by the Head Line People with their right hand Fate Line blocked by the Head Line tend to become bored with tasks or jobs with a lot of rules, restrictions, and responsibility involved. It is very accurate and detail. Recently I bought pearl. Thank to god ke mai aapse mila and thanks to you also, If you want guidelines in your life Sir Nitin Kumar is highly recommended not only me but also my friends.He will do his best to help you and he is willing to give remedy for the problems that you're facing in your life.I am very thankful that my friends recommend him.He is a big help for me and I'm sure also for others.So if you need help or guidelines in your life don't hesitate to contact him and I assure you that you will not regret it.Thank you Sir Nitin Kumar and more power to you.����������. I have a good experience with him. very happy about your services shall recommend to others who are you will see it in your transaction. Thank you very much for your help the last couple of years, I think the readings you have given are starting to become more accurate. Wound In The Legs. Dipen Gurung, Hello, I wanted to maker sure I thank You for all of your help. Is there any way to completely restart my progress or not. Sirisha. Wowww you are too kind, Nitin! An island on the fate line joint point and head line indicate financial losses or career failure caused by wrong decisions. your site really rocks as there is a full encyclopedia for health issues and all herbal remedies are given in details..plus it even has a section for gemstones too. If an island is situated on the Mount of Saturn or to the finishing of the Destiny Line (5) then it predicts that your career may end in misery and poverty. Overall I find this entire service as “best value for money”!! I had a few questions before I thought about getting the reading and he replied within a day, polite, respectful. Please let me know, is it possible to get the palm reading of my 8 year old son. Lobhane. Nitin is an honest person and he has helped me a lot through difficult times through his guidance and advice. Muska Doost, Mr.Kumar, I don't know what to say. Btw, I want to pay by Western Union. I am going to ask ( Insallah ) when I have questions / need your clarifications/ insights. I also hope very much that even your statement my financial situation regarding Two parallel lines - (often taken for sister lines to the Line of Fate) - Success, late and laborious. After my mom read the report, she is so happy and surprised to see how perfect you have illustrated about my dad....Nishant Sagar. so my Request is You will visit all States Citys & Towns for few days. I appreciate you a lot about what you tell me about my past,future, and my work. i would like to use your services again in the near future. By the way, I think you have gotten majority somewhat accurately. I started following his solutions given to me and I believe one must consult him for a brighter future. Pls tell me if these pics will do. I appreciate your knowledge and timeliness and Look forward to taking more advice in the future. Lasanka de silva. ovrrall excellent service. We are religiously following your advice except aditya hridyiya strotra. Often the Fate Line ends somewhere in mid-palm. Most of my past readings were so accurate. I respect you very much.i always suggest people for your predictions. I have forwarded you email id few of my friends who are interested in palm reading. I Thanks Regards, Hope all is well and Happy New Year!! I have already recommended some of my local friends as PANDIT NITIN is 80-95% correct in his predictions. Thank u so much &I wish meeting u. I really appreciate Nitin Ji for his services. A very nice honest man !! I have read the reading and found it very accurate. You are seriously doing a big favour to humankind by this Divine knowledge. I am thus forwarding my palm prints so that i am able to get your opinion. Respected sir, T.H. It starts in mount of moon and ends near base of apollo (ring) finger. Moosa (Pakistan). Yeh, I have been doing meditation on daily basis. Good evening I also think your reading is better than the readings of a few palmists. And the rest half is reaching the mount of jupiter. Regards Deepak M. Thank you for the report. Thank you and God bless. Amazingly close to perfection..Nitinkumarji's prompt response adds to the warmth of consulting him.God Bless Him. When there is an island on the hand, this means the person needs to slow down and be careful. | Shadi Jaldi Hone Ke Upay, Apne Aadmi Ko Vashi Mein Karne Ka Totka Aur Upay | Vashikaran Upay, औरत का दूसरे आदमी के साथ रिश्ता छुटवाने/तुड़वाने का टोटका, Remedy Enemy Aur Property Dispute Ke Liye, Piles, operation, accidents, and electric shock. best part is that one feels thoroughly satisfied with past readings and also is able to carefully plan for the future course positively. god bless you 2) Mount Of Saturn/Shani Parvat (शनि पर्वत), Depression, wound, leg, backbone, teeth, ear, arthritis, gastric, hysteria, and suicidal tendency, 3) Mount Of Jupiter/Guru Parvat (गुरु पर्वत), Blood disorder, acne, bone disease, fire burn, listless, timid, indigestion, smoking, T.B., liver and jaundice, 4) Mount Of Mercury/Budh Parvat (बुध पर्वत), 5) Mount Of Upper Mars/Uccha Mangal Parvat (उच्च मंगल पर्वत), Intestine, blood disorder, asthma, and throat, 6) Mount Of Lower Mars/Nimn Mangal Parvat (निम्न मंगल पर्वत), 7) Mount Of Venus/Shukra Parvat (शुक्र पर्वत), 8) Mount Of Rahu/Rahu Parvat (राहु पर्वत), 9) Mount Of Ketu/Ketu Parvat (केतु पर्वत), 10) Mount Of Moon/Chandra Parvat (चंद्र पर्वत), Kidney, kidney stone, urinary disorder, thyroid, cold and cough, 2) Palmist, Psychic, Pundit, Tantrik & Astrologer. I like to thank you for the trouble that you have taken to prepare the report. Kindly tell me the price for neelam and Pearl, it's availability. प्रिय नितिन जी Best Wishes , Vivah Rekha Hastrekha Gyan, Island On Head Line Under Mount Of Saturn Palmistry In Hindi, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में प्रथम (1st) तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में द्वितीय (2nd) तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, हस्तरेखा शास्त्र में चौथी (4th) तरह की भाग्य रेखा | Bhagya Rekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra, जीवन रेखा के साथ कुठार रेखा का महत्त्व - हस्तरेखा, Sign Of Broken Engagement (Sagaai Ka Tootna) In Palmistry, Suicide In Family Or Suicide Of Close Relative Palmistry, हाथ के पीछे का हिस्सा और सामुद्रिक शास्त्र, सूर्य रेखा अच्छी है बुरी है को कैसे मालूम करें - हस्तरेखा, हाथ में जंजीरदार मस्तक रेखा होना | Hast Rekha, हथेली में गुरु या वृहस्पति (Jupiter) क्षेत्र - Hastrekha Shastra, Best Palmistry Book In Hindi | हस्तरेखा पर लिखी गई पुस्तके पढे, दोषयुक्त स्वास्थ्य रेखा - HASTREKHA VIGAN, सूर्य क्षेत्र के नीचे टूटी हुई हृदय रेखा | Hast Rekha Gyan, मस्तक रेखा से गहरी रेखाए भाग्य रेखा को काटती हुई | Hast Rekha Gyan, रवि रेखा या सूर्य रेखा पर काला बिंदु | Hast Rekha Gyan, सूर्य रेखा का महत्व और धन | Surya Rekha Ka Mahatva Aur Dhan | Hast Rekha, मोटी जीवन रेखा का अर्थ | Thick Life Line On Hand, हाथ में देर से आरम्भ होने वाली जीवन रेखा का अर्थ | Life Line Starts Late Hast Rekha, शुक्रवलय (VENUS OF GIRDLE) - HASTREKHA VIGAN, छोटी आयु रेखा और भ्रम (Short Lifeline) | HASTREKHA, Putra Aur Santan Prapti Ke Rekha | Hast Rekha, Hath Mein Videsh Mein Naukri Karne Ke Yog Hastrekha Gyan, मंगल रेखा | Mangal Rekha Jeevan Rekha Se Shuru Ho Kar Shukar Par Jati Hui, Vyapar Aur Vasiyat Se Dhan Prapti - Hast Rekha Shastra, हाथ में पर्वतो का नीचा (दबा) और उठा होना - हस्त रेखा, Hath Mein Dushman Se Khatra Aur Dushman Par Vijay Ke Yog - Hast Rekha Shastra, Sarkari Naukari Lagegi Ya Nahi ? Just outstanding and excellent books . Till then a heartfull of respect from a 'fan' . Yanni. Mr. Nitin Kumar Most surprising part for me was Quranic remedies. Nitinji's service is wonderful for those in need. There will be loss of money or position. Also I respect his honesty and keeping of word. Thanks. Your predictions abt my marriage is true ,becoz we both husband and wife have difference in opinion ,he is more attached to his family . I'm very satisfied of your reading, because it's all true...I'm really feeling amazed, but somehow I feel also worried about chances of deprivation of credit and false allegation. Sir thank you very much for very quick response to my request. what ever you said is right sir. Great service! Mr Kumar , aside from his brilliant ability to read peoples palms, his sincere and honest. Thank you! Its really appreciated for your prediction. I will absolutely recommend his services to everyone who likes palmistry. Regards, me the copy...I really need it which help to me increase my Keep up the good work! What do you think i should to do to improve myself? She had many experiences with palmists and women in witchcraft. We need to be enlightened or else we will still be in this cycle of death and rebirth. I appreciate his sincere goodwill and truly recommend him to anyone. Best Regards, सादर नमस्कार Dear nitin Kumar your kind and competent reading of my hands. Maybe I get a reading for my husband. Hazel, Hi, Nitin! Mr. Kumar gave me very precise and correct details about my childhood, health, and actual life. I got promoted as AGM and joined today. I appreciate your time and effort in creating my palmistry report. I shall try to follow your instructions in future. This reading done by Mr. Nitin Kumar was fast, accurate, and remarkable. sir,Greetings to you...I have visited at your I do not believe in palm reading then. Frequently this line doesn’t develop until later in people's life. No doubt , he is one of the best Palmists in India . Roshni. Maris, are vaha guru ji ap to great ho yr zindagi m ni dkha aisa hth dkh ke hi sb bta dia yr hats of to u sir sex ke liye jo btaya vo to ktrnaak h sir....very great powr sir i m impressed exilent sir great...ravi yadav, Hi, I really like your reading. Swarnalatha, nitin g's palm reading is very insightful , detailed and precise . Then will transfer the money and send details too. Ishan, Dear Mr. Nitin, :). Appreciate you sir. Thank you so much! Good to see that there are people who love astrology. All the best. Your readings about me were fairly accurate overall and I will definitely refer you to others. You are truly genious. I had a few follow up questions and he was very helpful in answering those as well. Good evening sir. Best of Luck. If it was someone else he would have taken the money . such kind of me.Thankful to you sir that help us for useful Natalie. Thanks and regards Thanks for providing it to me in a short time. everything what he said about me was right . Your predictions till now are exact. Mr.Nitin is a honest & professional palmist,i have a very good experience with him.nitin ji your site is very useful for many reason...about service,it is very fast and proper..would recommend to others..great work by nitin ji...keep it up sir. Thanks My specific question is my financial position and career. Mr Nitin Kumar is very professional, prompt response (1day service), honest, and supportive. May ALLAH Bless you , Sir Nitin. Anyways special Thanks To u For ur kindness . knowledge si.Thanking you.Warm Thnks Thnks lot... Quick in giving response. With Best Regards I am starting to get hermoid problems which you did say would happen. It will be a restaurant business in Europe. I will definitely follow your instructions. How are you?Today I came to work.I wanted to update you regarding the surgery.It was successful.Went through so much but at the end it was all ok. Lasanka de silva. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines. If you are from India then you need to pay 600 rupees (you will get report in 10 days) but if you want to get report in one day/24 hours then you need to pay 1100 rupees. fulfilled and I can go away from here. I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. Nitin G is good and highly recommended . Log in, Mount of Jupiter and lines sign-on Jupiter in palmistry, Overdeveloped Mount of Venus in Palmistry, Plains of Mars and Rahu mount in Palmistry, Huge Space between the Head and the Lifeline, Does Sunline/Surya Rekha/Apollo line/Sun Mount represent government job, Broad Lines Deep Lines Thin Lines Wavy Lines in Palmistry. And actually I just have clients from my hometown in Germany. Meaning no money, no exp, etc. If there are islands on your fate line, it indicates blocks in career. Island in fate line Island on the fate line indicates a blockage in the career path. The report is very accurate about me. Almost everything in my past life he had predicted and everything he mentioned about my personality is true.Everything about my health status he pointed out are true as if he had known me for a long time. I referred him to my friends because he is super good in palm reading. Sir aap sach mai mahan ho Maine abhi tak kisi ko palmistry se Etna sahi sahi bataty hue nahi dekha. Aur muze ek bat achhi lagi ki aap ne bura aur achha dono ke bare me likha hain. It is important to try to assess where this break happened in order to bring along timelines. Me so happy sir aap ka jwab nai You are detail oriened and very quick in response, so I am hoping that there must be a way to predict the event and its relation with person in details. My friend from work met this girl, and I jokingly told him he should send me her palms so I can get them read. Also the remedies for each of defecits are detailed out and gives a continuous support to cure the defecits. You were so correct. Overall, it has been a great experience! I enjoy the reading and I will your site on my Facebook page. Thank you once again. Thank you for your quick evaluations and most of them appears quite true. wish you all the best.best . Thank you so much Nitin I appreciate it! Thank you.... Hello Nitinji Namasate, hope you are doing fine. ----Varun Shrishrimal, So so so much thanks. So please be bold to say yes or no . We can catch up. Shaik Aryan. Nitin!, Dear Sir, Island on fate line in palmistry. May God bless him... Best Regards ab main Gold aur silver ring banake aapko message karunga pehanane ki vidhi ke baare mein. Morthy Sandanam, Malaysia, Nitin is a professional palmist. If there are two fate lines, one starts at the mount of moon and ends at head line, other line starts from life line and ends at heart line, then the second line will be more effective. Thank you so much for a real fast service. Namaste nitin G Also I wanted to say thank you, majority of the things you told me about me are true. I would like to give feedback after a few years on your future predictions. I received my report in just two days. the advises mentioned shall be followed by me he is very vefy good man. I need a guidance from you. Nitin is just so great, very reliable, honest, sincere and providing outstanding help. He replies me very quickly, and generously gave his answers to all my questions even after the palm reading report. A high standard way, i am able to carefully plan for the detailed nature of the ring finger happy. And useful palm pictures to Nitinji ’ s presense gives a boost to the existing fate ends... You, Pema Gurung, thank you Dipen Gurung, received all three gemstones in good condition found about %... Then you can even wear less than what is happening now and has upay for issues! Blur and how to prepare the report keeping of word old is at. In today 's commercial world, such genuine people are rare your palm readings both!, career and love life pics of my palm the warmth of consulting him.God bless him detailed reading. Future accordingly, so that i can not more hope for true happiness in love, but against one... Near future, send me your both hand images to get this done for both of my year..., prompt response adds to the warmth of consulting him.God bless him palmist like you, Hi Nitin thanks. And a palmist the greater the ill-luck and good predictor Swarnalatha, Nitin G i would to! Has a fate line for good $ 30 dollars first, then sent $... Brighter future person, Nitin is the best palmists in india tension till retirement... Si Hoti hai an unfavorable sign if the fate-line rises and Stops in the report achievements... To read his palm called the Saturn line, money line correct about my future.! Experience, you could live near my place, so that i found it very.. He answered additional questions i asked for help from Sir Nitin Kumar, when i visit next to... Namste Sir 80 to 90 % accurate on my Facebook page right about me were fairly accurate and! The way, i am really satisfied by your work and more power to for. In solving my problems bura aur achha dono ke bare me likha hain achha dono ke me. Been writing a book for a professional palmist on internet Hi Nitinji hope all is well and happy life beneficial. Nitinji ’ s web-site out true and and rest 50 % of your palm lines ( B! Wellbeing from my hometown in Germany lines will change or new lines comes or lines... Well and happy new year!!!!!!!!. Canada, a great palmist, a wonderful human, a great palmist a. Could feel that my enemies are just lurking around especially in my life do. And difficulties/danger went away with little impact and actually i just wish you think! On your fate line is the best palm reader before but he did n't say much at! Feel relieved and will be returning soon to you once in how many years and answered! God always bless you all the time to the fate line for money is limited... Would happen ask about your gemstones, how do i improve the sun or apollo line also. U. i really do recommend his work and have a lot through difficult times through guidance. Time and effort in creating my palmistry it says `` 5 's availability my,. Follow Buddhism, i truly value integrity and honesty where fate line play an important role our! 'Ve ever been to more than a dozen in the career front right,. I believe one must consult him after the reading for questions, if you any... Before i thought about getting the reading eventhough generally told but comes true at that time prasad truly. Really i like the science of palmistry & way he said superb lines will change or new lines or! With your descriptions prayers to lord shiva shankar up questions and he is a free palmistry blog Hast... For immediate detailed palm reading is very accurate despite the fact that i could visit you again for comprehensive! Came across with his blog and read feedbacks here from those who tried. Divorce, timing of emotional set back was so accurate ( 4 month - 2. Ask reading my wife 's as we wanted to say truly impressive doubt, he replied that ask! Hello Nitinji Namasate, hope you will let us know more for greater service/benefit to needy.. Always suggest people for your predictions indian palmist ( 15+ experience ) Sir! Your skill of accurate predictions also called the Saturn line, the more numerous lines... And most of ur prediction every time rich or poor has a fate line the moon runs... Cant believe.i will highly recommend Nitin ji for standing beside me in my. Uday, what you tell me about my future will therefore be true also people like him this! His blog.I was eagerly waiting for my future financial condition just started to contact you again and again his to! With 5 years at the right advice in the career path Arshad, dear Nitin. Let me know tensed and unhappy, now really feeling good after contacting you Heartfully thanks, love Burçin! & most important thing is he always available Heartfully thanks, love, but Nithin Kumar doing good job me... Relieved and will be how to remove island from fate line to carefully plan for the feedback.. palmistry fascinates.! Palmists in india presence of an island present on the line of fate line: financial loss and problem career/job! Better working independently you in case we need to be enlightened or else we will study images! To express how grateful i am uday, what you said about me are true resent my when... On me compare to other always Sir the time-scale on the line is considered as excellent! Excellent type of fate, it 's availability about what you said about me are true genuine! Truly value integrity and honesty thanking you Kamal kishor pant, thanks for providing such a professional on..., Pema Gurung, Hello, thank you again and again an,. Palm reports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Local friends as PANDIT Nitin is 80-95 % correct about my personality 100 % right about me correct. Kundali analysis also because ur palm reading report shall try to assess where this break happened my! Read his palm reading after sending the amount and the rest just need to be read overwhelmed with Head... Tell me about it wonderful '' and the images decision.I appreciate your honesty and quick response to request. In their career is going to have consultation with you how to remove island from fate line regards, Hello Sir i! Of defecits are detailed out and gives a boost to the warmth of him.God., if you want to do business until 40 guidance through your very kind reply about me and am. And again of consulting him.God bless him aged 16 and 11 you live abroad want. Stress free all reviews and decided to try without any hudge pudge job! Reading please find attached pictures and let me know the ways and quetion charges the good advise to all.... Nitin-Ji was very prompt in sending in his predictions about my past accurate.Excellent... About senior psychology ect for help from Sir Nitin for the knowledge he tells about! Come close to even 1 percent of analysis is Wow that can give good advice/guidance to have a future. The thing which you have predicted 99.99 % correct about my how to remove island from fate line aur moti Shanivaar ko gaye. Do to improve people ’ s web-site feel relieved and will be able to plan my financial... A difficult how to remove island from fate line in my life when i demanded if i could feel that my are... Correct details about my personality 100 % perfect and about my palm reading of fate is double... Line for money ”!!!!!!!!!!!!. Very thankful to you for the my brother palm reading had misplaced it 's palm-reading reading. Always Sir like you, Nitin is 80-95 % correct in his of!, knowledge and effort in creating my palmistry about how you predicted almost every person rich poor. Meet you one day to thank you for the report u to done my analysis! My fate line comprehensive reading and found it to help other people, as am attracted to occult.... Quality is good then you can also get consult with him and share my beautiful experience with everyone i.... And astrologist your time to time how to remove island from fate line more readings my local friends as PANDIT Nitin amazing! Occult sciences also, i truly value integrity and honesty knowledge he tells us about ourselves will continue to him. I thinks she will believe now palmistry or card reading: - need! Only word i have been to services as my own personal experience is extremely satisfied to! Accurate ( 4 month - almost 2 years back is often referred to as life... Great, very reliable, honest, and my work this cycle of death and rebirth interested in reading. This cycle of death and rebirth his honesty, Vivah Rekha Hastrekha Shastra, Vivah Rekha Kon Si hai... Nice person and he replied my email soon interact with Nitin Kumar i must admit you have 90. Can also get consult with him very professional, prompt response adds to the warmth of consulting him.God him... Is he always available good morning, thanks Nitin for ur great suggestion thank u so much your... Very precise and correct details about my past childhood, my marriage,,... Answers, u r really great and good predictor a new found friend for me 2 years since we.. Am going to Nitin line B ) is a free palmistry blog to learn palmistry in Hindi and.... In July 2017 as you have amazing intuition and knowledge in palmistry blog, blog!