Rachel Dawes,… The first Talia comic story appears in "Into the Den of the Death-Dealers!" Time to talk about 'The Dark Knight Rises' -- but only if you've seen it", "Our second look at 'The Dark Knight Rises' digs into the bad and the ugly", "First Look: It's Father's Day for the Dark Knight in Son of Batman", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talia_al_Ghul&oldid=1004166478, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles that may be too long from March 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Master martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, The character has a cameo appearance as a child in, Talia al Ghul appears in a non-speaking cameo appearance in a flashback of, Talia al Ghul makes a cameo appearance in. In Superman/Batman #6 (March 2004), when the time comes for Luthor's downfall, she sells all of LexCorp's assets to the Wayne Foundation, leaving Luthor penniless and his crimes exposed to all. 1 History 1.1 Origin 1.2 Batman 1.3 Bat-Murderer 1.4 Lazarus Affair 1.5 Son of the Demon 1.6 Bane … Their vision began to be threatened a brief few days before their intended day of destruction, when a burning bat appears on one of Gotham's bridges. Delve deeper into the madness of Gotham City in this anthology about Talia al Ghul--Daughter of the Demon. Talia, disillusioned with her father and his plans and using the name Talia Head for herself,[21][22] leaves him to run LexCorp as its new CEO when Lex Luthor becomes President of the United States. Talia al Ghul shares a Twin Stand with another character neither revealed in the post-credit scenes nor yet revealed in the Baneposting Expanded Universe. This introduction of Talia's mother in particular, (as well as Talia al Ghul's origin) is revised and further elaborated in Batman, Incorporated #2 (2012) by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham. [43] The robed figure restores Talia's memory and attempts to influence her as a servant, but Talia resists his control and knocks him unconscious with stalagmites. Furious that her love may be dead, she sends out her ninja Man-Bats to murder Jezebel Jet, who plays a major role in trying to kill Batman. Ra's al Ghul enters the Batcave, revealing to Batman that he knows Batman's secret identity and saying that Talia was also kidnapped along with Dick. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Talia has been written to be an athlete at the peak of physical conditioning and has been trained in many forms of martial arts. Fight 13 - Talia Al Ghul vs Bane All fights here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOqu_RlhK6T3-GhozjwdvGEJ0zGspSjpj [40] Batman is forced to team up with Ra's to battle Godfrey (who came to retrieve the Chaos Shard, a powerful crystal that once belonged to Darkseid, which Ra's had hidden in Damian's body) and the Parademons who had taken the bodies of Talia and Damian. She is too much of a perfectionist to love her son after he has defied her in such a manner, and is no longer welcome in the House of al Ghul. In the years since the character met Batman, Talia is repeatedly depicted as torn between loyalty to her father and her love of Batman. In order to stall him from killing Batman, Talia agrees to finance Jason and aid him in his training, so that he can then become the second Red Hood.[23][24]. Talia was also Batman's love interest but her loyalty to her father keeps them from being together. Den Darga flees, leaving Talia and Damian to the abyss; where they were rescued by Damian's friends. In retrospect, Talia concludes that she could never keep Batman, as he would be continuously forced to defend her, so she fakes a miscarriage, and the marriage is dissolved. While Batman was preoccupied with a series of cases, Talia's body is taken from the grave by her father, Ra's, so that he may resurrect his daughter and his grandson, Damian, whose body was also taken. Their son is grown in an artificial womb and named Damian. 1 Biography 1.1 Son of the Demon 1.2 Birth of the Red Hood 1.3 Damian 1.4 Batman Incorporated 2 In Other Media 2.1 The Dark Knight Rises 3 Love Rivals 3.1 Catwoman Talia was brought up by her father Ra's Al Ghul to be his second-in … Realizing and accepting this, Nyssa and Talia become the heads of The Demon, with Talia disavowing her love for Bruce Wayne as another result of her torture at Nyssa's hands (both sisters then consider Batman to be their enemy). In the story, Batman rescues her from Dr. Darrk, apparently the leader of the League of Assassins. Although she seemingly supports Luthor, she secretly works to undermine him, anonymously leaking news of his underhanded dealings to Superman. Batman then goes with Ra's to search for Dick and Talia; in the end, it is revealed that Talia loves Batman and that the entire kidnapping is a setup designed by Ra's as a final test of Batman's suitability to be Talia's husband and his successor. The character was created by the writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Bob Brown as simply Talia originally. [17], IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time List ranked Talia as #42. Rendered apathetic by her time in the camp, unable to feel anything, Nyssa also plans to assassinate Superman with Kryptonite bullets she stole from the Batcave, hoping that, by uniting the world in one moment of tragedy, she would manage to rouse herself once more. Talia al Ghul is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, member of the League of Shadows and Bane's waifu.. She is portrayed in the Post-Credit Scenes by the French actress Marion Cotillard.. Talia al Ghul was equally devoted to Bane's school of thought, having been raised to honor and respect the man who had protected her from death during her time in the Pit. Talia al Ghul : [to Bane, regarding Batman] Don't kill him. When Ra's heard of Batman's detective prowess, he resolved to marry Talia to him so that he would have a worthy male heir. Thay being said I personally like the bat-cat dynamic most: him and talia is always told dramatically, wonder woman would be great but I prefer batman as a solo act way more than justice league. storyline, Talia and Damian become aware of the Black Glove's plot against Batman and begins devising a plan to help save him. I believe their relationship should not be reduced to a mere romance. Talia al Ghul is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, member of the League of Shadows and Bane's waifu. She was born in the Darkness, apparently similarly to Bane, after her mother was condemned to The Pit to suffer for the crimes of Ra's. Unfortunately, Talia witnessed the murder of her mother at an early age, at the hands of a man called Quinlan, who Ra's had raised as his own son.Like this, Talia was raised by Ra's and she travelled the world with him, learning from his intellect and skills. Talia al Ghul effectively has two Stands because of this; a short-range Stand named Psychotic Feeling and a long-range Stand named City Bird, with the caveat that her and her Stand Twin must be within a certain range of each other for the Stands to work. She also held strong feelings towards Batman, often acting seductively in their first encounter and affectionately calling him "beloved." After Ra's al Ghul's death in Gotham, however, Talia took over and Bane once again became under the League, and the two plotted to carry out Ra's al Ghul's plan of destroying Gotham, for his belief that Gotham was beyond saving had been instilled in the both of them. Morrison said he relied on his shaky memories of Son of the Demon before writing so he "messed up a lot of the details" such as Talia drugging Batman before sex. As a child, she managed to climb out of the pit and escape. After Batman defeats Bane in the Legacy comic series (1996), Ra's agrees that Bane was unworthy of his daughter (Detective Comics #701 and Robin #33), and calls off their engagement. History [edit | edit source] Talia Adira al Ghul was born to the wife of Ra's al Ghul in a hellish prison known as The Pit. [18] She was ranked 25th in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.[19]. [35] The end of Batman Incorporated marked the end of his seven-year run on the characters.[36]. She intends to use this device to force Damian to kill Dick Grayson, whom she perceives as holding her son back from his potential. Talia al Ghul is a fictional character and supervillainess in the DC comics and universe, and is the daughter and right-hand of Ra's al Ghul and a lover/enemy of Batman and mother of Damian Wayne.. She traveled the world with her father and learned numerous skills from him. They arrive at Wayne Manor just in time to save Commissioner James Gordon from being killed by assorted booby traps created by the Black Glove. Talia says Batman must choose between saving Gotham from suicide or saving their son Damian from a death sentence. Ra's manages to get his daughter's body from the Parademons in the sky, but falls into the gorge of Nanda Parbat along with Talia's body, while Batman tries to retrieve his son's body from Godfrey. Bane was the friend and protector of Talia al Ghul and the field commander of the League of Shadows.He was potent in both strategy and physical combat. [38] Batman arrives too late, after Ra's has successfully had the bodies placed in a Lazarus Pit. She was born in the Darkness, apparently similarly to Bane, after her mother was condemned to The Pit to suffer for the crimes of Ra's. Ghul is supportive of his daughter though has co… Vengeful Terrorist Talia al Ghul, also known as Miranda Tate, is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Bane) of The Dark Knight Rises. Ra's flees with the bodies afterwards. Livid at the fact that Batman failed to avenge his (Jason's) death by killing the Joker and that Batman had done nothing more than imprison him again, Jason pursues his own brand of justice. Following Batman's apparent death, Talia apparently decides to leave Damian in the hands of his adoptive brother Dick Grayson, who later takes on the role of Batman, and selects Damian to succeed Tim Drake as Robin. Talia is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and the heir to his worldwide criminal empire. Talia took Batman, nursed him back to health, and had to unmasked him to tend to his wound. https://screenrant.com/dark-knight-rises-talia-al-ghul-villain-clues Jason is fully revived in the body and mind. It is eventually revealed that the League is just one part of Ra's al Ghul's organization, The Demon, and that Darrk apparently turned against Ra's after failing in a mission (the usual punishment for this is death). She excels to the point in managing his criminal and legitimate operations, that she is eventually appointed as Ghul's primary secondary despite the fact that Ghul considers women to be inherently inferior to men. [31] Her clone of Damian, known as the Heretic, stabs Damian through the chest and delivers the killing stroke to her son, leaving Batman devastated. Talia does have a set origin ethnicity but it hasn’t … He doesn't wish to see Talia however and attacks her. Talia is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins. At some point, Nyssa visited the prison Peña Duro and met Eduardo Dorrance, she saved him from the prison and gave him a new purpose, to help her change the world.After learning of her father Ra’s al Ghul’… Talia is then shot and killed by Spyral agent Kathy Kane, buried, and her body later disappears from the gravesite along with that of Damian. [6][7][8][9] The character first appeared in Detective Comics #411 (May 1971). Talia al Ghul is a supporting protagonist throughout the majority of the fanedited fourth season of Gotham, but she becomes one of the three main antagonists (alongside The Penguin and The Joker) and therefore also the most climatic villain (before Jeremy takes her role) of the series' finale Gotham: Dark Light. At some point, he took an interest in the wellbeing for the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, and aided in her escape when several of the inmates raped and killed Talia's mother. Talia Al Ghul is an antagonist from DC Comics. In Final Crisis, she is placed on the new Society's inner circle by Libra. This, in turn, is actually part of a greater plan concocted by Ra's, who wants to ensure that his daughters would accept their destinies as his heirs and take up his genocidal campaign. Baneposting Wikia is a FANDOM Movies Community. She has alternately been depicted as an anti-hero and ally to Batman at times. The Talia character was written to begin a new phase of her fictional life near the turn of the century. Talia al Ghul/Bruce Wayne (8) Bane/Talia al Ghul (7) John Blake/Talia al Ghul (5) Include Additional Tags Alternate Universe (53) Dubious Consent (44) Anal Sex (34) Fluff (32) Violence (28) Hurt/Comfort (26) Angst (23) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (22) Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (20) Canon-Typical Violence (17) Other tags to include She is portrayed in the Post-Credit Scenes by the French actress Marion Cotillard. At the end of the story, she shoots and kills Darrk to save Batman's l… He is raised and trained in the League of Assassins. During their battle, Talia tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Damian that Ra's and his al Ghul family wage war against the ancient immortals of the Lu'un Darga, claiming to be guardians of the Lazarus Pit. Originally, Talia was a loving woman who cared deeply for her father and son, wanting to protect Damian from Deathstroke and lamenting Ra's' death. Later, Talia was approached by a shadowy figure; she is able to recognize the robed figure and feared that a faction known as the Lu'un Darga is upon release, she is then knocked unconscious. However, she has proven an important 'ally' in her way; most prominently, she encourages Batman to return to Gotham City when it is declared a "No Man's Land" (1999) following an earthquake, and Batman had lost his fighting spirit and did not believe he could save Gotham. During the Batman R.I.P. In Batman: Death and the Maidens (2003) written by Greg Rucka, it is revealed that Ra's al Ghul met a woman by whom he had a daughter named Nyssa during his travels in Russia in the 20th century. The concept of Talia and Batman having a child from Son of the Demon is reinterpreted into continuity in the story Batman and Son (2006), written by Grant Morrison. Recent depictions have shown her to be more often an enemy of Batman and a supervillain in her own right, such as leading the League of Assassins,[14][15] as part of the Secret Society of Super Villains,[16] and as the mastermind behind Leviathan. She later appears in Batman #33. She excelled in managing his criminal and legitimate operations, and she was eventuall… [5] The character's creation and depiction was inspired by other works of fiction, such as the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and the Fu Manchu fiction. To this end, she captures Talia and kills and resurrects her in rapid succession in a Lazarus Pit, leaving Talia virtually broken from the trauma of dying again and again in so short a time as Nyssa asks Talia why her father is 'letting' this happen to her. Talia introduces him to Batman as part of a grand scheme involving ninja Man-Bats and the kidnapping of the British Prime Minister's wife. He Nearly Marries Talia Al Ghul. With the world saved, and satisfied her son is safe, she goes to rejoin the League of Assassins. To attract his attention, Ra's had his servant Dr. Darrk kidnap Talia. For unknown reasons, Nyssa infiltrated the government under the alias of \"Theresa Walker\" and became the Secretary of Homeland Security. A Speedo to break the ice. Talia asks Batman to beg for the antidote but he does not respond. in the comics talia and bruce were lovers that was how bruce stayed connected to th league and the laz pit! After the events of the BEU film Batman Begins, Talia took over the League in order to avenge the death of her father and destroy Gotham City. Jason Todd arrives at the Batcave and offers Talia the Oroboro trigger, a device that would trigger the destruction of seven cities and that she claims would provide a new source of energy for the world. I believe in a very strong friendship. In the story, Batman rescues her from Dr. Darrk, apparently the leader of the League of Assassins. She tries to escape the Lu'un Darga's unknown lair of the inner core with the heart of the Lazarus Pit. That ending! However, thi… Thus, he decided that Bane would be the ideal substitute for Bruce's position as Talia's husband and heir to the Al Ghul empire. In the League of Shadows, a young Talia al Ghul proves herself to be fit for only one sparring partner - Bane. She had been depicted as morally ambiguous or an antiheroic figure. [14] In the mid to late 1990s part of her father's name was incorporated to hers as a kind of surname to help readers associate her with Ra's al Ghul. Batman and Catwoman come to Khadym to see Holly Robinson, who has been hiding with Talia since fleeing Gotham after killing hundreds of terrorists. As Talia's Stand Twin has never appeared in proximity to her, her Twin Stand has never been seen manifesting itself and so the powers and parameters of Psychotic Feeling and City Bird are currently unknown. Batman continues his pursuit for Ra's and to reclaim his son's body. Talia has been a constant thorn in the side of Batman, also having developed a tumultuous relationship with The Dark Knight. The daughter of Batman Begins ' central villain Ra's al Ghul, Talia is the mastermind behind a plot to destroy Gotham and finish the work Ra's started in the first movie. Bane protected her as a young girl until she was able to escape the prison. Talia from then on became more often Batman's enemy than an ally. Bane was said to have been born and raised in a hellhole of a prison called the Pit, where Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, and her mother were imprisoned. Miranda Tate (born Talia Adira al Ghul) was an executive on the board of Wayne Enterprises, and the main antagonist of The Dark Knight Rises.. History [edit | edit source]. Talia is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul. Following an operation in which Damian's spine is replaced, it is revealed that Talia inserts an implant into his spine that allows her or anyone she chooses, including Deathstroke, to control Damian's body remotely. https://bane.fandom.com/wiki/Talia_al_Ghul?oldid=6347. She introduced him to her father, who wanted to form an alliance with him. I want him to feel the heat. Ra's and Talia consider Batman to be married to Talia with only their consent necessary in DC Special Series #15 (1978) in the story "I Now Pronounce You Batman and Wife!".[20]. In "Lost Days", out of her love for Batman, Talia takes Jason to her father and Jason spends months in the care of the League of Assassins. Talia al Ghul The League of Shadows has a new leader, but not all members of the League are content with this change. Robin, Nightwing, and Huntress made it aboard Ra's al Ghul's yacht as Batman continued to search for Bane. [30] She claims to Batman that her agents have infiltrated all of Gotham's infrastructure and that she is providing the poor with purpose by arming them and giving them slogans to chant, as well as an enemy to fight. In Birds of Prey #26 (2001), written by Dixon, Bane continues to express his obsession with Talia. A place for fans of Bane and Talia Al Ghul to watch, share, and discuss their favorite videos. She now acts more coldly, killing Hereticupon hearing his grievances. This is referenced in issue 39 of the old 52. The Bat Signal: Grant Morrison Builds On The Past For "Batman Incorporated", Mild Mannered Reviews - Specials - President Luthor: Secret Files and Origins #1, "New 'Batman Incorporated' issue is 'one for the girls, "Grant Morrison recalls life and death of Damian Wayne", "Sunday Geekersation: Grant Morrison switches superheroes", "Talia al Ghul Voice - Batman franchise | Behind The Voice Actors", Marion Cotillard And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cast In Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”, "Batman. When a new threat against Barsad arises, Bane may have to choose between his fledgling commander and his best friend. Miranda Tate (born Talia Adira al Ghul) was an executive on the board of Wayne Enterprises, and the main antagonist of The Dark Knight Rises. Talia is a shrewd leader herself, leading the League in her father's absence and being a founding member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Talia later rejects the brute, regarding him as merely a cunning animal compared to the more cultured intelligence of his predecessor. Selina manages to defeat Talia by wounding her in the same manner that she did Batman beforehand. Talia has appeared in over 500 individual comics issues,[4] and has been featured in various media adaptions. Following Legacy, Bane has a nightmare in Batman: Bane (1997) of Talia (presumed to be deceased) betraying him and stabbing him and then embracing Batman. Talia was brought up by her father Ra's Al Ghul to be his second-in-command for the League of Assassins. While Batman is successful in preventing the assassination of Superman, he is unable to stop Nyssa from killing Ra's. She has been both lover and mortal enemy to Batman, and is the mother of Damian Wayne. She is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and the mother of Batman's son Damian Wayne. Biography [edit | edit source]. In Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat, Earth has been decimated by a plague unleashed by Ra's a decade or so before, prompting Ra's to claim Wayne Manor as his new base of operations; at this point, Bruce Wayne has been dead for some time under undisclosed circumstances, but Talia has been raising his son Tallant in secret. She is most commonly depicted as a romantic interest for Batman, a villain, or a combination of the two. Her ethnicity and origin are not entirely known. Bruce and Talia developed a relationship, but Batman discovered Ra's al Ghul's murderous goals. [3] Talia is the daughter of the supervillain Ra's al Ghul, the granddaughter of Sensei, the half-sister of Nyssa Raatko, on-and-off girlfriend/lover of the superhero Batman and the mother of Damian Wayne (the fifth Robin). [48] Their mission is a success though Damian ends up giving his life to save humanity. When Bruce Wayne emerges restored to full youth, he spends the next two decades turning the League of Assassin's front organizations into the true operation with Talia at his side, although the exact nature of their relationship is never explicitly confirmed.