They are playing, happy, eating great, shiny coats, bright eyes and tails up! Just wondering what the cause could possibly be. Fly worry will occur on land, and other causes may occur at all stages of the export process. He does make a small … read more Normal rectal temperature is 101.5*F to 103.5*F for all goats. However, I’ve had a couple of goats show absolutely no signs at 7pm yet at 7am they came to eat accompanied by a little one! So, my best advice would be just to go with the flow. Like humans, a goat with anemia is going to be lethargic and often have a low appetite. Signs in live animals If goats don't die from blood-sucking worms that cause anemia, the next most common cause is pneumonia. You can learn these habits and use them to identify illness simply by observing your goats a couple of times each day. Some goats always stay with the herd, while others tend to go it alone or hang out […] Besides, it’s a good excuse to spend time with your goats. This is a summary of goat diseases & conditions with symptoms and possible treatments for goats, only built on experience .You should consult your vet or goat medical books for more details and appropriate treatments trying these possible treatments is at your own discretion and risk, the L AND S GOAT RANCH IS NOT RESPONSIBLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES . You can think of your goat’s rumen like a furnace. The color should be bright pink to red. For example, my goats only show discharge in the immediate hours before birth, but I know other goats have mucus for weeks before the big event. Recognizing Anemia in Goats Goat Servant , Jan 3, 2012 Goat Servant , Jan 3, 2012 When I picked him up he had some mucus around one of his eyes. If they’re watery, runny, red, or filled with mucus, there could be problems. It is a problem to sheep and goats from February to April.The adult, a brownish fly, lays the larvae (maggots) around the nostrils of the sheep or goat. Several of my goats have a dry cough---no mucous from nose or fever. In sheep and goats, common causes of discharge in multiple animals include nasal bots, dusty feed, ammonia vapour, fly worry, and upper respiratory tract infections due to viruses or bacteria. When mature they are sneezed out. Roll down the lower eyelid to look at the color. Nasal bot is common in areas where sheep and goats are kept. The signs and their time frame are very, very different, depending on the goat. These signs are in no particular order: The doe digs a nest, paces, paws at the ground or bedding; There is white vaginal discharge, loss of the mucus plug, followed by a streaming of clear, runny mucus 2) Take the goat's rectal temperature with a digital thermometer to confirm or rule out high body temperature that could be caused by pneumonia, mastitis, or other illnesses. Eyes - A goat’s eyes should be bright and clear. Gently pull down your goat’s lower eyelid to display the pink underside. Nose - The nose should be soft, wet. I have a 6 month old pygmy male goat that is lathargic not eating or drinking laying down and bloated in the belly. Due to poor circulation, their mucous membranes will appear pale. Mucus fishing syndrome is a condition where a person continually fishes excess strands of mucus from the surface of their eye. Ears - Be on the lookout for mites, excessive buildup of dust or dirt or other mangy looking things. A pale, whitish color indicates anemia. Goats are creatures of habit. If you think there's infection a drop or two of pen g or la 200 without the needle or some kind of eye ointment will help. Tags goat, goat health, physical exam of a goat Post navigation. The color of the conjunctiva around the eyes can be an indicator of anemia that could be caused by a heavy internal parasite burden. ... thinking it's allergies or reaction to some environmental cause. The larvae crawl to the nasal passage and then to the sinuses. This is your best indicator of anemia. Watch out for any discharge or a dry or cracked nose. No mucus, no fever. ... Meat Goat Production Handbook, Langston University.