1 Overview 2 Six Paths Application 3 Trivia 4 See Also 5 References Kakashi's Chidori gained the name "Lightning Cutter" when he used it to split a bolt of lightning.2 Although this indicates greater finesse with Kakashi's Lightning Cutter than exists with the standard Chidori, it isn't clear how they differ because … Shiden - Kakashi vs Nue VISUAL WIKIA. Ok now Chidori Vs Raikiri Vs Shinden Vs Black Lightning what is the order for power i think it goes BL>Shinden>Raikiri>Chidori what do you guys think. After losing his Sharingan during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kakashi could no … It is the first book of the Naruto Hiden series. "SORRY KE UNFRIEND ABIS KE HACK SOALNYA" "Still Trying To Be Better From Now " WELCOME TO MY PROFILE ! 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien Naruto Rikudou 54,906 views. Author Tony Holmes has the story in "Hellcat vs Shiden/Shiden-Kai", an Osprey Duel Series book. Probably, Shiden simply doesn't function the same as his other Raiton tech. Er ist ein Mitglied des Hatake-Clan. Kamui Raikiri Kakashi Hatake: unbekannt Angriff Raiton: Kanasaibou. Take a second to look at our. Like 3rd Raikage/Darui with Black Lightning. The chances of her punching the real Kakashi or Kakashi not having the reactions to … Version. Close. Contohnya penggunaan Kamui dan Raikiri, di perang rasanya banyak sekali dia menggunakannya. Its lightning can be used to strengthen melee power or attacking many enemies from a distance. Thread starter UnknownJin; Start date Dec 20, 2016; 1; 2; Next. we rich now but used to be slaves,we pushing whips now we used to be whipped,rockin chains when we used to be in 'em. Question. I thought it got trashed, but it just got moved. I bet anything that Kakashi Shiden is stronger than raikiri. Next Last. Shiden, also known as Purple Electricity, is one of the strongest and newest techniques of Kakashi Hatake. Developed from chidori, it's been said that Kakashi was able to cut through lighting with this jutsu. The Shiden Kai possessed heavy armament as well as surprisingly good maneuverability, due to a mercury switch that automatically extended the flaps during turns. Shiden is safer because it is usually manipulated into a longer shape than Raikiri. HELLO THERE ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)╭∩╮ ! Raikiri is an S-Rank Jutsu and the signature technique of Konohagakure's Copy Ninja, Kakashi Hatake.This technique was developed by Kakashi himself and is known to be an improved version of the Chidori. "Lightning Cutter") is the famed Noble Art of Touka Toudou, in which she earned her namesake. Last updated 27 November 2018 12:59PM. Endorsements. ... KAKASHI (KAMUI RAIKIRI) - Duration: 0:16. It's just kind of there to give Kakashi some utility now that his Sharingan is gone, and since Raiton techniques are largely sort of uniform in appearance I'm not terribly surprised it went past the conceptual stage. Lightning Cutter) is the sacred treasure that Hayashizaki Kazuki found in the shrine of a Haunted Ground in Light Novel Volume 2. Virus scan. Kakashi simply needed something reliable. Not something to build your fighting style around. Cuz I don't give a fuck I. He is the eighth avatar of Vishnu, who is said to appear whenever the world is at risk. 1 … A sword wielded by Sengoku Period samurai: Tachibana Dōsetsu (1513–1585); Tachibana Ginchiyo (1569–1602); A ninjutsu technique used by Kakashi Hatake in the manga and anime series Naruto; A sword technique used in the light novel/anime series Chivalry of a Failed Knight; See also. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Boruto needed Shiden to break through his defenses, and Shiden is implied to surpass the Chidori in the Novels. Ok now Chidori Vs Raikiri Vs Shinden Vs Black Lightning what is the order for power i think it goes BL>Shinden>Raikiri>Chidori what do you guys think . Legendary mega kill Look at Randy Slithering Watch out. Question. How unique is the name Raikiri? JavaScript is disabled. What if Kakashi Hatake was a jinchuuriki? Lightning Chain IS Lightning Blade, just … Based off of today's episode Kakashi's use of his Purple Electricity technique looked a little aggressive compared to how he used Raikiri back in the day but overall i think its a better and more powerful jutsu compared to Raikiri Raikiri (雷切 Raikiri) is one of Kusakabe Seven Swords, sealed in the ring finger's nail of Misuzu Kusakabe. It might have Yin/Yang chakra that powers it up enough to change color. Lightning Release: Purple Electricity[1]edit Purple Lightning is a Kekkei Genkai released in Update 100. With his hand poised like a striking sword with purple lightning, he struck at the nape of his own neck. While the Chidori is an A-ranked Jutsu, the Raikiri is an S-ranked Jutsu. Will have it's lightning effect even when replacing the appearance of a sword without lightning damage. It was invented by Kakashi Hatake as a replacement for the Lightning Cutter, which he could no longer safely use after the loss of his Sharingan. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others "A divine hero of Hindu mythology. Go. However, Dōsetsu used his Chidori to cut the Thunder God inside the lightning bolt, … Allen Well-Known Member. Kakashi's Raikiri vs Sasuke's Chidori Thread starter jesusus; Start date Oct 19, 2020; Title Raikiri Votes: 8 42.1% Chidori Votes: 11 57.9% ... Its fucking peak EMS Sasuke vs MS Kakashi using the same Jutsu Grow a brain cell . Manga made Naruto's Rasengan and . 10 Anime That Are Clearly Inspired By Dragon Ball . This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Raikiri Tomsk, Russian Federation Level . As for overall power. Community Ambassador. Raikiri is essentially a combat knife. Weird things about the name Raikiri: The name spelled backwards is Irikiar. The user shoots a bolt of electricity from their hand to strike a target. Kakashi wird auch der "Kopier-Ninja" 18 genannt, da er mit seinem Sharingan schon unzählige Jutsus kopiert… Kakashi is literally her worst match. Courtesy of OrganicDinosaur (the translator on Reddit), here are passages detailing Shiden: From Kakashi’s hand, a light purple lightning surges forth. Close. Welcome to the forums! One day, while he was still a young man, he was taking shelter under a tree, as it was raining. If blood even wasn’t coming forth, then his head had not been lopped off with a ‘goron’ (/rolling off sound). Bei dem Chidori leitet man soviel Raiton-Chakra in eine Hand, dass es nach außen hin sichtbar wird. *Kakashi Story spoilers. Thanks to his skills, he was able to create powerful techniques like the Raikiri. I was wondering where this thread was. Explaining Rasengan, Chidori, Rasenshuriken, Raikiri, Kirin, Shiden and wind rasengan. http://sakuga.yshi.org/data/f6ae1b38050c4c615dfc8d53dc596194.gif. While popping and crackling with a ‘bachibachi’ sound, (Kakashi’s attack) assaulted the fangs of ice. Da das Blitzreich in einem Konflikt mit dem Reich des Feuers steht, wird eine Einheit Chūnin unter der Leitung von Saiki Uchiha auf eine Mission entsandt, um eine wichtige Schriftrolle über die Handelsrouten von Konohagakure zu stehlen. Could Boroto-era Kakashi + Sakura defeat the Akatsuki? Instantly, he gathered chakra at his right hand. You are using an out of date browser. Other than Amaterasu (a Mangekyo based Kekkei Genkai) and dark colored lightning (a byproduct of Sage chakra / Senjutsu), there haven't really been any other multi-colored elemental jutsu, unless I'm forgetting something. @yoko, Kakashi's Shiden could consists of yin and yang chakra. Shiden dapat digunakan menusuk lawan seperti Chidori atau Raikiri, dilempar ke arah musuh dari jarak menengah, menciptakan aliran listrik ke seluruh tubuh dan area di sekitar layaknya Chidori Nagashi, dan menurut novel Kakashi Hiden: Petir di Langit Membeku mampu menciptakan awan hujan ketika ditembakkan ke langit. Resmi! Raikiri Dual blades; Raikiri Dual blades. But it is also possible that Kakashi simply upped the quality of Raiton chakra which is reflected in color change. Is Kakashi's new "Shiden" better than Raikiri? He can't access Raikiri's best cutting strength without now-blinding speed. Kisame 鮫仙 . Tak seperti Raikiri, saat pertama kali diperkenalkan Shiden adalah teknik yang digunakan untuk jarak jauh.. Dalam novel Kakashi Hiden yang merupakan kemunculan pertama Shiden, Kakashi menggunakan Shiden untuk menembakan petir dari jarak jauh.. Bahkan di kondisi tertentu Kakashi bisa menggunakannya seperti Chidori Nagashi di mana petirnya bisa ditembakan di … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Iirc Kishi was originally planning to give everybody chakra of different colors - depending on personality or something. As an adult, he became a great tactician. Loading... Unsubscribe from VISUAL WIKIA? But not only has Kakashi just filled the tunnel vision problem with Raiton: Shiden, he … Raikiri (雷切 (らいぎり), Raikiri, lit. Raikiri's. 1 of 2 Go to page. Elite. It's uncalled for, perhaps he just wanted to do something new with Kakashi considering he hasn't awarded him anything permanent since the Pain-arc. 0. Both Tachibana Dōsetsu and his daughter Tachibana Ginchiyo also wielded Raikiri when they too were the daimyo of the Tachibana samurai clan, with Dōsetsu himself being the sword's first owner. The Lightning Cutter is the special name for Kakashi Hatake's Chidori. It's also an concentrated enhanced form of the Chidori. Raised by cow herders. The sword is said to be so powerful that a user once sliced a bolt of lightning in half with a single swing and was able to injure and nearly kill the thunder god in that same swing. Based off of today's episode Kakashi's use of his Purple Electricity technique looked a little aggressive compared to how he used Raikiri back in the day but overall i think its a better and more powerful jutsu compared to Raikiri Even wanted. 1 Appearance 2 Background 3 Abilities 4 Trivia Raikiri appears to look like a normal shirasaya that appeared to be made from plain wood, which seemed to be breathing and has an atmosphere of holiness. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. With a bang, together with an impulsive sound, the ice swords that were attacking him were then broken and blown into miniscule splinters. Watch out. Karena Chidori sendiri merupakan sebuah tekhnik yang kuat, maka Raikiri membutuhkan kontrol chakra yang lebih baik dari … Is Kakashi's new "Shiden" better than Raikiri? Lightning Release Class Anime, Manga, Novel, Game Naruto Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The charge that remains within its blade adds a lightning effect to its attack.Bravely Default description Raikiri (雷切 or らいきり, Raikiri?, lit. Users in the UK and the Rest of the World will be billed in GBP. Sakura can punch stuff. *Kakashi Story spoilers; Topic Archived; First; Previous; Page 3 of 3; More topics from this board... Gokus susano vs sasukes vs kakashis: GreenLantern188: 3: 11/21 3:29PM: Could Boroto-era Kakashi + Sakura defeat the Akatsuki? Raikiri is the name and spirit of the Zanpakuto owned by Burikka Hakumei Akegata of the Clan of the Void. UnknownJin Banned. Kirin: Kirin … Kakashi did not hesitate. The light purple electrical current travelled along the floor, which had a copious amount of sake spilled upon it. Shiden sorry guys … While Sasuke's Raitons are . trending now. eBook Shop: Hellcat vs Shiden Shiden-Kai von Tony Holmes als Download. The user unleashes a stream of purple electricity from their hand to attack targets from a short-to-mid range. So Minato created the Rasengan to match his own fighting style which … From those descriptions it looks like a better version of Sasuke's Chidori variants. Shizuku entschließt sich vor dem Turnier, obwohl es ihr etwas unheimlich ist, … Very hard. 5 Shiden Shiden, also known as Purple Electricity, is one of the strongest and newest techniques of Kakashi Hatake. Raikiri is the same tech but polished up to extreme. Dimas Ramadhan. Watch Chivalry of a Failed Knight Folge 10 - Witch of the Deep Ocean V.S. Hellcat vs Shiden/Shiden-Kai Pacific Theater 1944–45. SkyUmbreon 5 years ago #1. Anime have everything blue and blue as chakra's normal color. 0. Completely as if they were tentacles, (the lightning) extended outwards in every direction and pierced through the rain clouds. Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex #1 Goes Wild and Gets Weird. Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky (カカシ秘伝 氷天の雷 , Kakashi Hiden — Hyōten no Ikazuchi, Viz: Naruto: Kakashi's Story — Lightning in the Frozen Sky) is an original story written by Akira Higashiyama and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. Ok now Chidori Vs Raikiri Vs Shinden Vs Black Lightning what is the order for power i think it goes BL>Shinden>Raikiri>Chidori what do you guys think. Der Angreifer gibt sich als Kakashi Hatake … DC Comics. Raikiri (天破雷切) is a weapon in the series. Kakashi's chakra getting a passive boost in quality after Rikudo's chakra is plausible also. Raikiri (雷切, lit. Raiton: Shiden was the result. When using Chidori or its variants, you need to thrust at your target with extreme speeds to pierce and cause fatal damage. Raikiri (secara harfiah berarti Pemotong Petir) adalah bentuk lanjutan dan terkonsentrasi dari Chidori yang memiliki efek dan kelemahan yang sama. Kakashi Hatake (Kakashi = Vogelscheuche, Hatake = Ackerland) ist ein Jonin aus Konohagakure und der Sohn des "weißen Reißzahns von Konoha", Sakumo Hatake. Raikage's Raiton Chakra Mode was for example. Due to its versatility, this sword is mainly used by Kakeru Satsuki. Description. He struck the floor with the palm of his hand. Availability: In stock. Found a fan art of Kakashi executing Raiton: Shiden! Aug 24, 2020 #2 Chidori and Raikiri are the same jutsu, when Sasuke learned Chidori it was referred to as that because he hadn't mastered it as much as Kakashi did (with him being a Chunin and all) but by BoS Sasuke's is equal if not … KillerJetstorm: 17: 12/26 3:00AM: I miss my boy...(spoilers) GreenLantern188: 10: 1/12 … 5. Joined Mar 10, 2014 Messages 6,282 Kin 0 Kumi 0 Trait Points 0⚔️ Dec 20, 2016 #1 Raikiri / Lighting Cutter - S rank jutsu. 300px|right Translation: Lightning Edge, Lightning Cutter. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Original upload 27 November 2018 12:59PM. Type: Ninjutsu. "dammit I'm mad" is "dammit I'm mad" backwards. *Kakashi Story spoilers Anime and Manga - Naruto This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. 1 History 2 Appearances 3 Profile 3.1 Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon 4 Stats 4.1 Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon Originally known as Chidori, it was the sword wielded by the samurai Tachibana Dōsetsu. Still, Shiden is … In a filler episode we see Ashura use it but that’s a filler and non cannon. Pagina dedicada a : Audition latino Juego musical 3D donde podrás ir de shopping y comprarte ropa a la última moda para tu personaje y … Fahrul Razi. Shizuku ist fest entschlossen, diesen Kampf zu gewinnen, um zu beweisen, dass sie ihrem großen Bruder Ikki ebenbürtig ist. The story of Chidori/Raikiri is based on the story of Tachibana Dōsetsu, a Japanese samurai: Dōsetsu was in possession of a famous sword called Chidori. Rank: S. Note: Listed by different rank than Chidori in official databook. Er erfand sie zum Zeitpunkt seiner Ernennung zum Jonin und brachte sie später Sasuke Uchiha bei. Raikiri: Sword of my Second Father, Inheritance of the Thunder Beast's Wrath (雷切, Raikiri) is a katana once under the ownership of Tachibana Muneshige as the head of the Tachibana samurai clan. Discussion. Menurut Guy, Kakashi memperoleh nama itu setelah Kakashi bisa memotong petir dengan jurus ini. Ninjutsu in Naruto, created by Copy Ninja Kakashi. ~20 years of activity, jutsu copying and growth is more than enough to come up with something better. About colors meaning something - it depends on how the author of the novel views jutsu coloring. Created by Alibabad . I agree... well it's not like I was the one that drew it. The advantage of Shiden however is that of its utility. Nachdem das Erbeuten der Schriftrolle erfolgreich verläuft, werden sie auf dem Rückweg angegriffen. 04 October 2020 Anime & Manga | 03 October 2020. 43 talking about this. SoM: IC Knowledge: Manga Starting Distance: 25m Location: New Konoha Before the discussion about Novels being canon starts I'll just allow Novel feats here. This technique is quite strong as it is capable of puncturing through great defenses of "S" Rank and lower. Personally, I don't really have an issue with the color of the technique, since it wouldn't be the first time we've seen elemental jutsu varieties deviate from the standard pigments of the same element. Shiden looks like a culmination of Kakashi's Raiton mastery and ninjutsu in general. Change to Attack (Heart) B+ Change to Attack (Strength) D+ Change to Attack (Skill) C+ Break 54 Parry 35 Crafted at the forge, set reward from The Spirit Stone Slumbers mission, random loot drop and mission reward.