I can't explain it like the website, but it is basicly the lining of the uterus in preparation for a baby, if no implantation takes places the lining is not needed so it is shed during your period. A couple of potential answers here are possible. over a year ago. The tissue in my period the first they were the size of a pea (i had 2 at once) but my last period it was almost an inch long. Unusual Tissue-Like Substance in Menstrual Blood, Vaginal discharge: Difference between normal discharge and infection, Experimental Gel Shown to Protect Anal Tissue from HIV. Fleshy tissue discharge … Maybe tissue from lining of uterus being shed. However no one has addressed the fleshy discharges. Is discharge of a pink fleshy tissue during periods a cause for concern? amanda sykes Please ... mean by "fleshy". This is the same thing that is happening to me and i am 9 weeks pregnant. DON'T worry. So, sounds like you and your doc have a good plan. what would cause my vagina discharge to be fleshy? and knew what was the reason please tell me.. i just had that experience just now but i am using mirana iud thingie... had it in now almost 6 months....had bad cramping last 3 days with the occassional huge bloodly clump of what hell is that and just now 3 very long grosss coloured fleshy string like blah.... im totally freaking out what is wrong with me??? Withing several hours, I started having severe menstrual cramps, so I called my pharmacist to ask what I could do abt this. and the second time happened a day after intercourse when i just began my period. 9 Reasons For Abnormal Vaginal Spotting, Getting Pregnant After Multiple Miscarriages, Abnormal bleeding after pregnancy: irregular vaginal bleeding and childbirth, Vaginal discharge with tissue like substance, colposcopy and then tissue-like discharge, Irregular menstral cycles: Loosing tissue, membrane like sub, Vaginal Tissue Discharge, bleeding and cramps, vaginal Tissue discharge after Colposcopy and biopsy. I'm kinda worried and am not sure exactly what it could be. Type in the word 'endometrium' and there are websites that will tell you all about it. This is my fourth day of my cycle and it hasnt happened again. Exactly the same thing happened to me when I took the morning after pill after a slip up with my boyfriend. last month on the 1st day of my period i discharged 2 fleshy clots. Vaginal discharge varies from woman to woman and at different times of life.. Generally speaking, healthy discharge is white, cream, or clear. Have any of you experienced this? 'Would You Like An Infection With That Belly Button Piercing, Madam? Apparently, that fleshy membrane-like tissue is just the lining of the uterus that is normally flushed out during menstruation in bits and pieces and with the presence of new hormones in our body, things can just happen differently. Normal vaginal discharge helps keep vaginal tissues healthy, provide lubrication and protect against infection and irritation. Recently, on two or three separate occasions, I've noticed a chunk of fleshy tissue (almost a bundle?) i had my first depo provera shot about three weeks ago. Strange fleshy vaginal discharge during period? Maybe tissue from lining of uterus being shed. I am still getting these tissue like discharge when i go pee and I am still worried. I didn't hurt or burn or anything like that, but earlier on today I had shooting pains around my overy. The last few times I've had sex I did not use protection. over a year ago. Hopes this helps but you can get a really good explanation if you type in the word and go to a medical website. Do you have any idea what that could be and should i be worried? If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register. It’s normal to have a thin, white discharge all through your pregnancy. It was thin, kinda like a piece of thinly sliced meat? P ... Bacterial vaginosis and yeast are the two most common vaginal infections. bcd224 Ive had what looks like tissue in my period 2 months in a row. Any pain, dizziness, tissue, or clots could be … Uncertain what you: mean by "fleshy". I have had normal blood clotting like discharges before but this was flesh color with little blood. god bless. this month my period is 6 days late. Scary period - giant chunks of tissue discharged, chunky discharge 1 1/2 weeks following LEEP procedure, been pooping nothing but pieces of tissue, tissue like discharge from my vulva during periods. Dr. Selwyn Oskowitz answered 50 years experience Fertility Medicine am so worried please if u checked with ur doc. This discharge can come out while passing urine leading to the appearance of white tissue in urine of a woman. white, fleshy tissue like discharge from vagina. Normal menstrual flow is liquid-like or gel-like. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment … There are a lot of details missing. I've gone to a cpl doctors and have been told that I have fibroids. Top answers from doctors based on your search: Connect by text or video with a U.S. board-certified doctor now — wait time is less than 1 minute! Vaginal Bleeding During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy: Not Always A Sign Of Miscarriage, Benefits of a massage: Deep tissue massage, Doctors From Hell: When Your Doctor Hacks Off Your Intimate Parts Without Consent, Necrotizing Fasciitis: Flesh Eating Disease, What Being Diagnosed With Pneumonia Is Really Like. Literally save the clots. HealthTap uses cookies to enhance your site experience and for analytics and advertising purposes. flesh colored vaginal discharge? I did the same thing. ... Wash handles before going to the restroom, and/or handling tissue sample. fleshy tissue during period. … having breast pain. ', Reasons For Bleeding During The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy, What Causes Bleeding During a Clitoral Orgasm, My Period Just Finished, So Why Am I Bleeding Again? Does anyone know what could cause this? having breast pain. over a year ago, soura MD. Talking About Sexual Assault In The Era Of #MeToo, Trump And Kavanaugh: Should You Share Your Story? ... Sorry to see that you are going thru this. I think most women who have had more than 3 or 4 periods are familiar with a normal discharge. To get proper med. Ripped vaginal tissue and heavy bleeding after Plan B pill? over a year ago, mblake1 thick fleshy tissue discharge on 3rd day of my period. The shot wasnt supposed to kick in until a full 24 hours after the shot so i took a plan b (morning after) pill immediately. Or maybe misunderstood your doctor when s/he said fishy? Fleshy tissue discharge during period:rip: - discord emoji/emote for your discord server! However no one has addressed the fleshy discharges. Fleshy discharge? The source of the bleeding could be a polyp on the cervix or inside the uterus. did i have a miscarriage? Any abnormal period - like different flow with tissue , heavier ; later ; earlier; lighter needs a pregnancy test (blood sample ) at your doctors . A few years back I was told I had ovarian cysts. A fishy odor to vaginal fluid is often a sign of infection, espe ... You need to see doctor for culture of both anal and vaginal discharge. What Should I Expect During And After A Colposcopy (With Biopsy)? having high prolactin 8.55 ng/ml. i'm ttc for 1.5 yrs still no child. i'm ttc for 1.5 yrs still no child. almost looked like tissue/ membrane, menstruation... thick membrane came out.. depo provera.. help, Large Tissue Clump (Not Clot) During Period, About 2-3 inches long, lots of pain, 3 months with no period then huge clump of tissue was discharged at once w/ painful cramping. Anyways, kinda wondering what that was and I'm a little bit panicked because I'm in a foreign country right now and I just … I'm actually going through something similar now. If you have a change in color, texture, odor or amount of vaginal discharge & problems such as pain, itching burning with urination or sex or redness/swelling then It is best to see your gynecologist for evaluation & accurate assessment. I am starting to worry now tho. If you have a change in color, texture, odor or amount of vaginal discharge & pro ... Did you mean to write fishy? Totally TMI Here, but I recently started what appears to be my period and when I used the toilet today, I noticed that there was a long, flesh-like scrap of what I assume to be vaginal tissue. I was very worried that i was in the process of a miscariage but a couple days ago i found out that my baby is fine. Breakthrough bleeding, cramps, tissue, Seasonale, worried? My last period lasted 2 weeks and now I am ovulating and found some of the tissue in my urine. Fisch B, Choose a single article, issue, or full-access subscription. Her abdomen was nontender and non-distended with normal bowel sounds. Heavy periods where blood flow is faster can be watery too. And today I was in the shower and a string like discharge gray and a little blood came out but I'm not bleeding bleeding. The cause of passing a fleshy tissue can be due to delayed cycles- uterine lining is overgrown and when it sheds off, it appears as a fleshy tissue. "A brown discharge in the vagina or coming out of the vagina is usually associated with bleeding from somewhere. i had the exact same thing!!! Hi! A lap will confirm (or not) adhesions and endometriosis. Fleshy tissue discharge during period Keep us posted! It is FREE! Bloody, fatty, vaginal tissue discharge; Ovarian cyst/cancer, 2 months after abortion, passed large peice of tissue, clots, Flesh string/flesh-like tissue coming out of my vagina. By checking, I agree that Belmont Abbey will process the information contained in accordance with our Privacy Policy. no smell, burning or itching? It looks fleshy like maybe my uterus would look; and was as long as my pointer finger it stuck me as very unusual! I'm 24, on the pill, no STDs (was checked a few months ago and have not had any new sexual partners since) and as far as I know, am not pregnant. Guest Endometrium is the normal vaginal discharge during a period. Directed Pushing During Labor: Yes Or No? Which as I mentioned i get often so thought nothing of it. They have just said that the bleeding was due to the fibroid and that thyroid issues may cause irregular bleeding as well. One would be a miscarriage where you are expelling pregnancy tissue. She told me to try to wait it out and call my Dr in the AM to see what she would want me to do abt that pain. I suggest a thorough pelvic examination. what might cause a fleshy vaginal discharge? After bleeding which I thought I would assume was my period so I didnt get obsessed I ended up going out and having aboyt five strong drinks. The amount, color and consistency of normal vaginal discharge varies — from whitish and sticky to clear and watery — depending on the stage of your reproductive (menstrual) cycle. Should you have malodorous discharge with redness, burning, pain or swelling - p ... i had pink fleshy discharge before my period and now after my period pink fleshy discharge size of a quarter with two dark grey specs. Finally, brown discharge may also be caused by a polyp (a fleshy teardrop of tissue) on the cervix or inside the uterus. In addition to the white stuff in urine, genital candidiasis causes many other symptoms like burning while urinating, pain in the genital opening, dyspareunia or pain while having intercourse, severe itching or pruritus in the genitalia and the red appearance of the … She told me that cortisone will mess up your menstrual cycle and bc i had 2, she was concerned abt how severe it might get. There were two pieces, pink-ish gray in color and while there was blood on it, it wiped easily off; they were thin one stringy and the other flat and oval shaped. This has only happened twice, the first time was during intercourse, I was expecting my period soon and i figured that it was some kind of urtus lining or something. pieces of skin tissue / vaginal bleeding / itching. But what does it mean to have a thin fleshy membrane-like discharge? Hope I was of some help. ? The bleeding is extremely heavy and the pain can get to feeling like labor pains on a bad day. over a year ago. Really gross and A LOT of blood, hi, i just want to ask you guys what happened after you discharge that flesh thingy? ? large fleshy tissue discharge no blood. Bleeding From The Rectum During Menstruation. This happened to me yesterday and I have yet to find any good information on what would cause this. I'm not on any new medications and am due for my shot September 23. over a year ago, Kay what is this? I had a pink fleshy piece of tissue that came out of me during my period. A bit to the left, but 4 days ago I had 2 cortisone shots in my arthritic knees (I'm 53), as pain management. … five days later in the morning I had a v small clot with string and then another one in the evening. Ive had pain during intercourse since my son was born 3 years ago and ovulation is painful for me. That same day during intercourse the condom broke. I have never had that happen before. i have been texting really thick discharge that started out as a fleshy pink butturned thick brown i end my period a weekago and i have protected sex. thick fleshy tissue discharge on 3rd day of my period. last week i realized that my period was five days late and when it finally came, about day 2, i had a really bad cramp. Pink discharge may be normal, especially around the time of implantation or in early pregnancy. When blood is old it can become brown. five days later I had the clot incident. Sexually transmitted diseases like trichomoniasis, chlamydia and gonorrhea a ... Get a pelvic exam and birth control to regulate your cycles. I'm sure no one wants to see, but the doctor needs to see in order to properly identify it and figure out what's happening. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. Obviously not a normal discharge. large fleshy tissue discharge no blood User Name: Remember Me? The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Going to find another doctor who may better address what is going on. Discharge from where? Browse thousands of other custom Discord and Slack emoji on emoji.gg. The discomfort subsided after she vaginally passed a bloody fleshy mass. flesh [flesh] the soft muscular tissue of the body. having high prolactin 8.55 ng/ml. God Bless. Question: Hi I started my period today and a unusual looking of fleshy material was discharged, without any sticky looking red discharge. guest Should I mention this to a dr. Was I having an early miscarriage? I also can not find an answer on here and I don't think my doctor understands what i am trying to explain. did you guys get pregnant? please help? is fleshy greenish yellow vaginal discharge a symptom of ovarian cysts ? We went over my meds list and I also told her abt the 2 shots. January 23, 2021 Uncategorized 0. I'm 18 and have been on the deprovera for two years. Vaginal Bleeding During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy: Miscarriage Or Something Else? I had what could have been implantation bleeding for three days. What Is It Like to Have Cataract Surgery? I can’t find anything on the Internet, so I’m turning here. i really need an answer right now cause im worried. This could be left over blood. Hi I would like to know too if anyone has any updates. If you are seeing large fleshy lumps- get examined. Netdoctor participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. To learn more, please visit our. i have a watery discharge with a fleshy smell that want go away? goose flesh transitory erection of the hair follicles due to contraction of the arrectores muscles, a reflection of sympathetic nerve discharge such as occurs with cold or shock; called also cutis anserina. over a year ago. I've noticed a vaginal discharge of a tissue-like substance that is clear with dots of blood in it, it looks like a piece of slimmy skin. Fleshy tissue discharge during period. Kinda felt like raw meat (i know graphic but i cant think of a better description). io went to the rest room and found some type of skin, membrane, tissue or something-like, not normal vaginal discharge in my pad and almost had a heart attack. Then the cycle starts all over again. Hello and welcome back! However, if the discharge becomes thick and lumpy, resembling cottage cheese, then you might have thrush (candida albicans). hope one of you guys reply to this.