There are situations, however, when you will want to terminate care immediately, regardless of what your contract says. I have a free childcare contract copy of it in word linked here as well as a pdf you can print out if you don’t have word. Does your state have any rules about what has to be included in your policy book? Business Policies, Free Printable in Word. Your childcare contract should state your name, the parent’s names and the children’s names childcare is being provided for. Without them, your business will be much harder to keep a handle on. They should know that too. We always have cats, so the interview is a good time to talk about that in case someone has a child that is allergic to cats. This situation creates stress for me as I don't like seeing my children unhappy and being powerless to do anything about it. It can be an uphill battle if you suddenly find you are on a different page than your client. Join a community of nearly 5000 providers. Mostly because this is where infractions begin to expose themselves most often. If your daycare parents know that there is an ongoing issue, they won’t be surprised if you need to make that final decision to terminate care. Does he works odd hours and sleep during the day? Anyway, if you do happen to run into this “special type” of parent it might just be – Time to Terminate. Many providers charge whether kids attend or not. I think this is a very wise idea. Your contract should state what parents are responsible to provide and what you provide. Another biggie! children who are a threat to others, non-payment etc..) It is important for providers to remember that our policies and procedures are in place for a reason. She suspected that the child may have an undiagnosed disorder and it was making her day very difficult. Most parents have paid holidays, why shouldn’t you? Your child care contract SHOULD state that parents have to pay a week in advance for care. If they cannot agree to your rules, they will not respect your business and the way you run it. Sometimes I do get push-back, but once I realized that I was actually working an 11 hour day (just with the kids) and that most people work only an 8 hour day, I had the confidence to point out to parents my day is much longer than theirs. The child care contract should state what parents owe you. If you are having trouble establishing your paperwork for your business, read on and find out how to develop it in a systematic and simple way. This could be due to a new job, relocation, loss of a job, or changing centers. as a trial period, in which case either party may terminate the contract without notice. Subscribe to get our latest updates, product promotions and exclusive information to grow your childcare business. Usually, they are to either stay in compliance with licensing mandates or are specific to the needs of your childcare business. By signing a contract, it allows them to plan their monthly budgets and to have a clear picture of present and future expenses and income. You will enjoy your work and be successful. My contract says parents are responsible for diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. It’s like fitting a square peg in a round hole. Recently I had a conversation with a colleague of mine where she expressed concerns as to whether she should consider terminating a client. (i.e. good daycare contract - a strong daycare contract - the best daycare contract. is not affiliated with IRS Online options enable you to coordinate your own document administration and also increase the output of one's workflow. The provider may terminate the contract without notice if the parent/guardian is over _____ week(s) late with scheduled payments. It is important to realize that we might very well be doing a child or family a disservice by continuing in a relationship that does not seem to be working. That is not to say that the business relationship cannot be mended. We are our business’ first line of defense. That being said, you should not even want to keep a client that is disrespectful of you or your business. If someone is not submitting their tuition fees on time and is routinely late, they are basically breaking their contract with the childcare, plain and simple. It can be really hard to let go of a client when your enrollment is low and you need the income. Anything you think might be of importance to a parent, it’s best to let them know up front. He gives a simple three-step procedure for terminating a parent contract. It should also state when they are to pay you. Because it is a contract, the best way to cancel a contract … It is to say that you have several individual children to care for and they all deserve equal care and attention. And still, others see the provider in a nanny or babysitter role. If she has been injured and is not being cared for, then you need to get her to a better daycare. That one was hard for me to believe too. Do you close on snow days?