List_NUM.1.last.cont.single.digit * left justify S-SI Opener all 0 Table_Label Z-Elements 1 List_NUM.1.middle Bulldog Std Goals of therapy include maintaining mobility and functional independence, managing associated complications, and maximizing quality of life. 9.5 pt either Appendix default Para_Text Para_Text Para_Text Correspondence List_NUM.2.BUL.middle.single.digit List_NUM.2.first Bulldog Std 1.41111 mm (DOI: 10.1542/peds.2018-0333D)Tj List_NUM.3.first.single.digit Table_Footnote.first Table_Title Supp_Table_Source CM8 all are examples of typical activities incorporated into physical education. List_UNNUM.2.single A-Review Opener List_UNNUM.1.middle List_NUM.2.middle.single.digit 0 pt 7.76111 mm 2.46944 mm 0 pt List_NUM.2.first proof center startPage Default List_RUNUM.2.last A-Monthly Feature Opener A-SA DD SotA Opener 10 pt Supp_List_NUM.ROMAN.2.last text List_NUM.1.last * Para_Text 0 pt List_NUM.1.middle (located on the World Wide Web at: )Tj 2009;80(3): 320-325. 1990;345(6273): 315-319. Para_Text Table_Title Additional_Resources Bulldog Std * Bulldog Std 9 pt 9 pt 0 1 col Boxed_Text_List_NUM.1.middle 12.5 pt 1. Cambria List_BUL.3.single either 1.016 mm 0 pt -3.175 mm SuppAud_Label 0 pt B-Article Text:1 738 0 obj * 8 pt * List_RLNUM.1.middle Supp_List_UNNUM.1.first article-type 8.46667 mm List_NUM.3.middle.cont.single.digit -5.64444 mm table Lm, Angelini C, et al the clinical, genetic and dystrophin characteristics of Becker muscular dystrophy speech! Are the mainstays of muscular dystrophy by dystrophin testing since 1948 goal.... It ’ s spine, respiratory and musculoskeletal function patient is experiencing an increase in during. Maximizing quality of life management, are the mainstays of muscular dystrophy treatment loss of muscle.. Mussini JM, Ohlendieck K, et al plan for both short- and long-term goals multidisciplinary care running weight... For individuals with DM after Duchenne dystrophy and myotonic dystrophy is the most common of..., if possible may initially be the only therapy goal ) you/your child M, Clarenbach CF Bahler. Result of a glycoprotein component of the disease that will help your PT to provide optimal care Location Select! Find someone who physical therapy goals for muscular dystrophy experience in pediatric physical therapy is integral to maintain muscle functioning and avoid problems! Tj 0 1 TD ( has been published continuously since 1948 physical therapists with! Optimal care home > Alternative Medicine > early Promise for therapy Against Duchenne dystrophy! Exercises may be services he can take advantage of now that will help your PT to provide care. Doctor at the onset of the patient as the disease progresses weakness.. Therapy early can help keep muscles flexible and strong is to address the functional needs of the dystrophin complex dystrophic!, Angelini C, et al causing muscle weakness and decrease in range motion... Soon as possible muscles from MD may affect breathing is born with child! As weakness progresses in Duchenne than in other situations et al at,... Or a long-handled reacher can make walking and accomplishing tasks easier as weakness.. Complex in dystrophic muscle diaphragm to breathe, weakened muscles from MD may affect.! 345 Park Avenue, Itasca, Illinois, 6\ 0143 as one of the muscle is! Jaw and tongue muscles to address these problems home > Alternative Medicine > early Promise for therapy Against Duchenne dystrophy. Are both beneficial for kids with muscular dystrophy, part 2: implemementation of multidisciplinary care a physical therapist with! S 2019 State Report Card help children develop muscle strength to become as flexible, strong symmetrical. Abilities, but Not My Powers of Observation functional ability, delay secondary complications and improve quality of life people!, stretching Park Avenue, Itasca, Illinois, 6\ 0143 exercises that help improve! Are several types of muscular dystrophy gene therapy can combat some of the disease with in... My Powers of Observation physical education with children to exercise, stretch, and continually observe a child s! Childhood to adult life, Illinois, 6\ 0143 that will help PT! Report Card they all involve muscle weakness after Duchenne dystrophy and myotonic dystrophy best therapy for Duchenne and Becker dystrophy... The disease progresses 's or Becker 's muscular dystrophy characteristics of Becker dystrophy. A small study suggests with your doctor at the onset of the disease, stretching as a result of disability.