Mei Matsumoto 2,562 Mei Matsumoto 2,562 Star; Member; 2,562 1,271 posts; Posted June 26, 2017. Congrats,clowns.” We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. He's a weird man. Instead of focusing on the hate and relentless criticisms, it is always important to appreciate the compliments and support in your life. I hate BTS I don't like them nor do I like their music so One Direction for the win they are the biggest boy band ever beating the beatles how can you even compare BTS to them lol. “Those blonks that sent hate comments to their own girlies just so kpoppies have reason to attack army again thought they are hurting us and BTS. By. VK. Just went to youtube and scrolled through comments for … Share this post. Rap Monster wrote these lyrics. I don’t know why you’re here. You Armys are ridiculous. He just loves answering to hate comments while ignoring tons of support. Hate 12.7K 234 123. by ohman_holykook. #1 on billboard chart! We did it! She said: "I've been called a ni****, a … So its Wale's fault now? Please don't be upset for that hate comments. Many fans, as well as celebrities … Tumblr. Read Hate Comments from the story BTS 8th Member Imagine by Kier_Masters (wasi) with 3,753 reads. BTS’s Suga is savage AF! BTS fans were livid earlier this week when a YouTuber went on a Twitter rant dissing the popular band in an extremely offensive manner, Metro reports.. BTS made history by becoming the first K-Pop group ever to attend and be awarded at 'Billboard Music Awards'. by ohman_holykook Follow. WhatsApp. The company didn't respond to a request for comment. 2. After being inundated with messages and hate, Derulo tried to patch things up by retweeting the TikTok with a new caption that shouted out both BTS and Jawsh 685, the Kiwi teen behind the instrumentals: “ Wish @BTS_twt @jawsh_685 was here for the celebration! Facebook. Linkedin. We get constantly ridiculed, ignored, attacked and disrespected within the army and we as a cohesive unit are sick of it." is made up of millions of fans around the world, who all contribute to the fandom in their own way. This ARMY fan, Darren, explains what it is: “ #BlackOutBTS is made for the fans who get the most silenced within the army: black people. We’re only here because we were provoked. Many of them really had lots of knowledge on bts and also said that they are ex-armys. You on the other hand? #TurkishArmyLovesBTS #BTSxARMY @BTS_twt @BigHitEnt” Pinterest. Here are come of the reasons why I think a lot of people hate ARMYs. BTS is a cheap, fake version of BIGBANG. And Twitter as always a toxic place. The BTS ARMY clapped back and defended Suga from the hate. Email. Share this post. Read Jungkook ♡ Hate Comments [request] from the story BTS Imagines 2 by lilacmingi () with 6,289 reads. In case you were on twitter last night then you probably saw the hashtag #TaehyungYouArePerfect trending and it all happened because of some people who call themselves ARMY but the only stan 6 members of the group. On vlive you can easily change username. They saw the hates in real time. Hell hath no fury like a scorned BTS fan, and Donald Trump Jr. is learning that the hard way. Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort wasn’t afraid to show his fandom of BTS from early on, even making a photo of member V the main photo on his Twitter account at one point in fall 2018. … I’m sorry, are you not posting a hate comment about BTS onto an article by a BTS hater? JazmineK - September 12, 2018 11:39 pm. Us ARMY’s are only here because someone posted a damn article about why BTS sucks. In fact, receiving criticism is an unavoidable part of life. 2. Telegram. Deja Ferguson, who got into BTS in 2015, says she has regularly received anonymous abuse from other fans. seokjin, kimseokjin, junghoseok. I saw few tweets about Ateeze and BTS due to the cover on MAMA while searching for Bangtan on twitter, but it was all praising. Share. No,darling. A series of tweets by some became viral and gained lots of backlash and criticism, in the tweets those accounts demand V aka Kim Taehyung leave BTS … Link to post Share on other sites . Korean pop band BTS has kept busy and booked. Blackpink's singer Lisa recently received backlash from netizens because of her origin. You should get a life. “Dear BTS, Turkish ARMY will be always with you. As soon as BTS debuted in 2013, with “No More Dream”, haters poured out malicious comments about how the group “tries too hard to be like BIGBANG“ or even, how it “is nothing like BIGBANG and will fail miserably.” Because BTS had initially promoted as the “next generation BIGBANG”, such comparison and hate was inevitable. Oh, and the “you walk alone”? As the most-followed person on TikTok, it's no surprise that 16-year-old Charli D'Amelio has had to deal with some hate on her videos. BTS are very well aware of what goes on on social media, and are very aware that most of the online hate comments towards them come from kpop fans … A series of screenshots from a group chat is making rounds where netizens have used harsh words against her. International ARMY, on the other hand, took matters to a new level, they came to his defense trending the hashtag #YoongiWeLoveYou, it quickly rose to the top of the worldwide trends on twitter. So she changed username send hate comments take Screenshots also she admitted that she is lier Just tell that YOU WANT "CLOUT FROM ARMY" & "HATE BTS & ARMY & GO"” Reply 1 … I am part of the BTS ARMY, but I can definitely see why it’s one of the most hated K-Pop fandoms. The singer hails from Thailand and is a part of the famous K-pop girl band. On May 6, ARMY noticed that a group of anti-fans have planned a Twitter attack against the boys of BTS.. Share via Email Report Story … The Author of the best selling novel of "The Alchemist" slammed BTS haters on Twitter! Under the tweet, some Twitter trolls left some really offensive comments. Also, you’re one to talk about toxic people. Home Kpop BTS’s Suga Has The Sassiest Response To People Who Continuously Leave Hate... Kpop ; BTS’s Suga Has The Sassiest Response To People Who Continuously Leave Hate Malicious Comments. On the internet community board Quora, the question “Why do people hate BTS?” was asked, and one anonymous Quora user, who will be referred to as “X”, responded to the question by talking about their experience of hating BTS.“X” ended up getting introduced to BTS through a friend, and had a positive first impression of them. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Twitter. Jennie, in an Instagram live session, said that Blackpink would love to make it possible for other South Koren acts to follow in the same footsteps On the same post, various K-ARMY good comments started to flow in overshadowing the bad comments. We will support and love you until the end. Digg. Savage Love”. LINE. Mix. BTS paved the way trends as fans slams Blackpink's Jennie for saying band wants to open door for other artists. The … Twitter. Twitter may prevent certain content from trending if it incites hate. The following 1st image shows a screencap of a supposed notice put out by BTS… U actually hurt your girlies more with those words. Twitter (1) Jae and Jinyoung (Request) ... #8thmember #bts #btsfanfic #btsjhope #btsjimin #btsscenarios #btssuga #fanfiction #female #idol #j-hope #jeonjungkook #jimin #jin #junghoseok #jungkook #kimnamjoon #kimseokjin #kimtaehyung #kpop #maknae #minyoongi #parkjimin #rm #suga. The eldest Trump spawn recently took a jab at New York … WhatsApp. One Twitter friend informed me of this today and I am at a loss of words. From streaming and promoting, to translating and creating artwork, each … " #BlackOutBTS is a selca day for just us to showcase our beauty, admire our bias in anyway we choose to and for once get some shine. bts8thmember, korean, scenarios. Pinterest. “Level 4,5,6, that's means they are fans. ReddIt. Facebook. A few days ago I was going through some hate comments about bts on twitter and other places. Sadly, hate comments are an inevitable part of becoming an idol. Link to post Share on other sites. BTS JUNGKOOK FOUND DEAD AFTER NASTY HATE COMMENTS. But Jisoo is right. Suga recently went on V Live to chat with fans for about 40 … BTS JUNGKOOK reportedly found dead on bathroom floor.