Find this Pin and more on The Baker by Gloria Kimbrough. If you follow EVP analyst Billy Tolley on Instagram, you know that he’s just a tad obsessed with his dogs Phoenix and Sophie, and seriously who can blame him. “It’s an undertaking like no other for the group, teeming with shocking stories and discoveries, cadaver dogs … Billy on 18 January 2015 commented regarding their children on Facebook. Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Billy Tolley look for answers in the Travel Channel special "Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic's Zoo." Not a lot has been shared about him on the show so here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about him but might be interested in learning. She understands a lot about audio and the different vibrational sounds and how they affect humans. He’s been busy in 2019 working with the team in “Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits,” which is a TV mini-series, on the regular “ghost Adventures” documentary television series, and as the aerial camera operator in “Through the Glass.”. He has even started getting involved in more aspects of investigation with the “Ghost Adventures” team. Billy’s wife Diana is … Out of curiosity, he set out to capture EVPs on his own and when he was successful, it led him to form his own paranormal group. Billy … Woof Republic is the trusted resource for modern dog owners, covering products, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, health, adoption, and so much more. All rights reserved. Now like any respectable person who went through a rather intense goth phase, I spend much of my adolescence watching the spooky series. So without further ado, may I introduce you to the dogs of Ghost Adventures. What’s His Relationship With Aesha Scott?Bobby Giancola’s Biography, Net Worth and Weight-LossMalia White’s Bio; Her Relationship With Wesley Walton, Adam Glick When You Get To Asheville Chords, hitType: 'event', Partner in crime, guardian, advice giver, investigator dog. His precious pups include Digsby, Bogi, Trudi, and Strawberry. At the same time, he worked with the “Paranormal Challenge” team in a series that was also aired in 2011. Follow me on Vine: DJ Inferno #Sophie RT @framewxrk_ @BillyTolley do you still have the dog … He is also married. In addition to this, Diana Tolley is also a businesswoman who runs a business in Las Vegas called the Violet Rays Energy Healing. The team — Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley and Zak — had investigated the old haunt with paranormal investigator couple Mark and Debby Constantino, who died in a … She holds academic degrees which are: AA social Science A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Billy came into this world on 18 th January of the year 1973 which has now made him reach at the age of 45. He and his wife Diana are parents to three children and adopted dogs named Sophie and … Billy is married to his longterm-girlfriend Diana Tollare. Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley … Ghost Adventures: Billy Tolley and Sophie, the dog he rescued from Mineral Wells in Texas. ©2021 Woof Republic. It is a paranormal society. Billy Tolley posted on Instagram: “Wherever I go... there she is. Instadogs, Lifestyle, Seasonal And Holidays, The Goldens Rule, Golden Retrievers, Instadogs, Instagram, Special Needs Dog, Special Needs, Dog Costumes, Halloween Dog Costumes, Howloween, Adoption Feature, Austin Pets Alive, Austin Rescue Dogs. Dana Hanson-Firestone has extensive professional writing experience including technical and report writing, informational articles, persuasive articles, contrast and comparison, grant applications, and advertisement. The family also has a family dog named Sophie. Mar 11, 2017 - Explore Amber Busenbark's board "Billy Tolley" on Pinterest. It even inspired me to start ghost hunting when I was 15 but we don’t need to get into that right now. He also had another … Ghost Adventures is a show on the Travel Channel that focuses on the supernatural and paranormal. Billy and Diana have a very interesting life and they are both busy pursuing their life’s passions and one of them just happens to be raising a family together. He is a professional equipment specialist and an audio/video analyst by trade. He’s good. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on January 18, 1973, Billy Tolley is best known for being a reality star. The show’s audio/visual technicians Jay Wasley has a pretty big family of furry friends. His wife is Diana Tolley. We’ve seen a few photos of the couple on social media and they certainly do look like they’re happy together. Billy Tolley’s lovely wife, Diana Thompson, is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Las Vegas Enlightenment Center. He got together with a group of friends and they formed the Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations of Mysterious Phenomena Squad. Goatman's Bridge, Billy Tolley, Zak Bagans and Jay Wasley (Travel Channel) One of the paranormal investigations for 'Ghost Adventures' cost a cast member his marriage, the latest episode of 'Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room' has revealed. His skills in audio and cinematography made this an ideal career choice. Her favorite topics are psychology, sociology, anthropology, history and religion. He first appeared in Ghost Adventures” for the first time in 2011. 32x80 Exterior Wood Door Lowes, Billy Tolley is the GAC's EVP Analyst. Bagans currently is a pup parent to a lovely lady named Gracie. We said goodby... e to our beautiful girl Sophie. The younger man, looking on at the scene, thought sarcastically that she was going to wag her butt off with all the force she was putting behind it. It Was Just a Matter of Time Before a Frasier Revival, Five Reasons You Should Be Watching “Gangs of London”, The Reason Sean Connery Turned down Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, Ebola Rex Vs. He is frequently seen/mentioned in episodes if the investigations include guests, or for the viewer to see what all three of the GAC are experiencing at the same time … 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Billy Tolley, 12 Things You Didn’t Know about Claire Danes, 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Timberlake, 12 Things You Never Knew about Philip Seymour Hoffman, 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrew Lincoln, Steve Harvey Begs for Forgiveness from Miss Colombia on His Show, Celine Dion’s Brother is Given Hours to Live, Dying of Cancer, Steve Harvey Begs for Forgiveness from Miss …, A Wakanda Show Helmed by Ryan Coogler is Coming to Disney Plus. 47K likes. In 2010, he adopted a Yorkshire terrier named Ridley. Billy Tolley is best known by fans of the paranormal television show “Ghost Adventures” that airs on the Travel Channel. He had an aptitude for computers and his background in production software and audio editing is strong. See more ideas about ghost adventures zak bagans, ghost adventures, ghost hunting. At the end of the episode Zak revealed to viewers that Billy's family dog tragically died three days after they filmed the experiment. When he came to see the Baker Hotel. We also love that all of these gents are such big advocates of rescue!! Before the new season premiered, Bagans and his crew Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley … together the couple has three children, one boy, and two girls. He also has a family dog that is named Sophie. In an interview with People magazine, Bagans revealed that he was training his pup to follow in his footsteps. Billy has trained his dog, Sophie, to accompany him and … She has even put it into practice to help people in a manner that brings about health and wellness. Tolley has a big following of fans who are interested in learning more about him. The white dog looked at the man and her tail began to wave. According to FamousDetails, he was born in the Year of the Ox.Both a DJ and … She is a licensed Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner. If you follow EVP analyst Billy Tolley on Instagram, you know that he’s just a tad obsessed with his dogs Phoenix and Sophie, and seriously who can blame him. With his background in audio, he wanted to investigate it for himself. Billy Tolley Having a solid background in audio editing and production software, Tolley was first intrigued by the paranormal after learning about electronic voice phenomena (EVP). This page is updated by Billy Tolley himself. Our hearts our broken She was diagnosed earlier this year with mast cell tumors and after a long year … She is also a licensed Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner. He got the rescue at the Nevada SPCA. The following year Bagans explained on Twitter that Ridley has been staying with his mother, writing, “I miss my dog ‘Ridley’ he lives with my mom now cause I travel so much and he made friends w my parents other 3 yorkies so i cant take him.”. These sounds manifest in frequencies that are not always audible to the human ear and the specialized equipment that is used to record them often produces sounds and conversations that take place in alternate frequencies and tones. Also, she loves dogs; she and her husband have adopted two dogs named Sophie and Phoenix in their family. He went by DJ Inferno and was employed in Las Vegas. I don’t know about you but my ideal Halloween is to spend the day cuddled up on the couch watching Ghost Adventures with my dog. Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley will conduct the first-ever paranormal investigation inside the Oklahoma park. Although the two professions do not appear to be even remotely related, there is an interrelated thread through the knowledge of audio equipment and sound. There are quite a few different paranormal investigations teams throughout the United States and the world, but Billy belongs to a unique group. Besides, business, she loves photography; her social media inclusively, Instagram, is filled with numerous photo which depicts the beauty of nature. She also enjoys creative writing, content writing on nearly any topic, because as a lifelong learner, she loves research. Billy has a brother and a sister. In 2015, Billy appeared with the team in “Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks,” through 2016, and he served as the equipment technician in the 2016 TV mini-series “Deadly Possessions.” In 2018, he served as the equipment operator for “Ghost Adventures: Graveyard of the Pacific,” and the same year he served as the aerial camera operator for “Demon House.”, Tolley has also been busy doing what he does best operating the cameras, providing aerial photography and analyzing EVP recordings. Billy Tolley is a renowned paranormal investigator, DJ, producer and a reality TV star. Fans of Ghost Adventures, this year, Zak is back on TV with all-new series, Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room. Billy Tolley of Ghost Adventures, Las Vegas, NV. He belongs to North American ethnicity and is of American nationality. Billy Tolley and his wife Diana Tolley share three children, two girls, and one boy. Travel Channel’s four-part miniseries “Ghost Adventures: Quarantine” has paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley quarantining themselves for … Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates from Woof Republic! Official fan page for Billy Tolley of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. He is a member of the Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations of Mysterious Phenomena Squad, also known as LVPIMPS. 242.9k Followers, 126 Following, 1,298 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Billy Tolley (@billytolley) Billy’s wife is an amazing professional with similar interests. He was born on January 18, 1974. He also had another dog named Foxy, who unfortunately passed away in July of this year. We don’t want to receive spam and we would never spam you! Billy Tolley, audio/video tech and now investigator for "Ghost Adventures" TV show on the Travel Channel, was previously a professional club DJ working as "DJ Inferno" in Las Vegas, NV. With several … Billy is no novice when it comes to being an EVP Analyst and audio expert. He rarely talks about them and tries to keep his family as far away as he can from the media focus. That makes him 46 years old as of 2019 and he has a birthday coming up in just a few months. ... 12-Year-Old Dog Happily … In between, Billy appeared on ABC News Nightline” in 2012 and on “Today” in 2015, and on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” These are news shows that interviewed him about the work that he performs in the investigations. Murder Hornets Trailer is Worth a Watch, The Reason Why Amanda Seyfried Has Turned Down Superhero Roles, Five Things You Find in Every Martin Scorsese Movie, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Steve Ford, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alondra Delgado, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Giselle Soto, Top 10 Marvel Comics Storylines You Should Read, 10 Marvel Heroes That Actually Act More Like Villains, DC Comics Reveals That The Joker Will Get His Own Series, Freddy Krueger, Jason and Pinhead are Fighting the Power Rangers in Fan-Made Comic, What We Want From The Demon Slayer PS4 Game, Why Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is The Best Anime, What We Know About Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen, All Ubisoft Games That Are Releasing in 2021. Billy performs a vital function as a cast member of the “Ghost Adventures” team. BA English MEd Adult Ed & Community & Human Resource Development and ABD in PhD studies in Indust & Org Psychology. Billy Tolley: Personal life. … The “Ghost Adventures” crew (l to r) – Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley – investigate the infamous Greater Wynnewood Animal Park – aka Joe Exotic Zoo – in a special two … About: Billy Tolley. I tried to see if he’s sensitive to spiritual energy, and I think he is,” said the Travel channel star. Today was a very difficult day for the Tolley family. He became interested towards EVP's and formed his paranormal team Billy is married to an entrepreneur, Diana Tolley. Although he is known by the name Billy Tolley, his full birth name is William Andrew Tolley. Tolley often encourages his followers to adopt, not shop, which we absolutely adore. Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Billy Tolley look for answers in the Travel Channel special "Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic's Zoo." Billy is a guy that has a lot of different talents. We also learned that he enjoys using his drone to take aerial photographs as he is into photography as well. He hasn’t always been involved with a paranormal investigation team. “I’m teaching Ridley how to hunt ghosts. Billy Tolley has been appearing as himself in an expert on the special equipment and an audio analyst since 2011. What a week! The show’s lead investigator Zak Bagans seems to be equally passionate about pups, as he is the paranormal. Billy became intrigued with teh paranormal when he heard about electronic voice phenomena, also known as EVP. He became a regular on the show in the seventh season and he performs the same functions for “Paranormal Challenge.” He is the oldest member of the team. Official fan page for Billy Tolley of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. Billy Tolley, Camera Department: Ghost Adventures. (Travel Channel) When Gov. Billy Tolley … 47K likes. Billy’s wife Diana is also a professional who deals in the audio field. He does have a solid background in music and audio, however. That is the focus of Ghost Adventures: Quarantine, Travel Channel's special four-part miniseries, which premieres Thursday, June 11, at 9|8c.Set inside Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley … Shakespeare, how to pass the police selection system practice for the psychometric tests and succeed at the assessment centres 59 testing series by hodge billy tolley catherine tolley harry 3rd third edition … It appears that these two are very well matched with one another. This page is updated by Billy Tolley himself. Zak said, "we do not think this was connected to or caused by the dybbuk … We respect your privacy. He analyzes the audio recordings which are taken on-site to check for any sign of otherworldly voices. Prior to becoming a paranormal investigator and EVP analyst, Billy worked as a professional club DJ. She is a very special dog that has been trained to accompany him and assist with paranormal investigations. When he isn’t out conducting paranormal investigations with the “Ghost Adventures” team, he is spending time with his family. They also have adopted dogs … Billy Tolley of Ghost Adventures, Las Vegas, NV. While I love the show because it’s just an overall good time, I have a deeper appreciation for it because 3 out of 4 of the show’s team members are devoted dog dads. He is an integral member of the team and he gained fame after joining the show. Billy Tolley displays evidence for the rest of the team during the production of "Ghost Adventures: Quarantine." Left to right: Billy Tolley, Zak Bagans, Jay Wasley, Aaron Goodwin. Billy Tolley is the GAC 's EVP Analyst. Will There Be An Assassin’s Creed Set in Japan?